Macedonia News 12/07/07

Women/s Celebration Meeting was Tuesday, November 27. It was so good. The Family Life Center was just full of beautiful tables.

I just was not able to do a table this year. I sat at Valerie Carters table which was so unique with large candles of varied height with greenery, little Santas, Christmas Balls, and Pine Cones around the base.

Ginger Harrell and Angela Shirleys tables were both close by, but they ate at Valeries table because theirs were full.

Gingers table was extraordinary with covers and bows on back of chairs and every corner of the table to compliment the beautiful centerpiece.

Angela had a table for little girls and it was full! Bright lipstick colors dominated her table.

All the tables were so pretty, I am sure, but due to limited walking ability, I was unable to go around the room.

Regina Russell did welcome announcements and the Call to Worship.

There was some beautiful door prizes. I won the sweetest, porcelain Nativity Scene.

Lou McQuary blessed our meal which was catered by Kathy Knighton and served by the men and boys of the church (they even picked up the empty dishes.) The meal was delicious!

Then we enjoyed singing by Still Blessed, a group composed of Sherry Wilson, Pam Gardner and David Halloway. They were very good.

Our speaker was Kay Faulkenberry with Pathway Ministries. She certainly held your attention.

Joyce Peters said our closing prayer.

By the way, if anyone found a watch that night, Ruby Jones lost one. It ahs much sentimental value as Jack gave it to her years ago. Call Ruby or drop it off at the church.

Oh, and Hailey Rhea Mattox left a little red purse in the church when she dressed for her wedding in October. She would like to have it back as it held her favorite make-up and she just liked that purse.

Mary Ellen Bowling went through surgery fine. She is still in the hospital to have therapy.

Wesley Harrell is sick, James Shirley, Stephen, Ginger, and Julie played Musical Chairs staying with him Sunday. Stephen, Ginger, and Julie needed to come to Youth Choir practice, so James stayed. Shirley was at Adult Choir practice.

Sonny Baird had eye surgery recently at the VA in Memphis.

Tom Freiday is sick. Carolyn is a little better. I think they just swap out.

Jean Marette is feeling much better. She sent the Sunday School Class work that she would see us soon.

Elizabeth Hales niece, Amanda Ross Butler, learned her headaches were caused by damage from previous surgery.

Jim Black has started chemotherapy again. He looks and acts like he feels pretty good. We went down Friday night. Beverly was there so we got to visit her too.

Bubba Cobb had gall bladder surgery. He was doing fine.

Mr. Robertson and Brother Jerry East came by one day last week. Mr. Robertson looks good. The rest of the family was fine too.

Melissa Williams did such a good job singing the special music Sunday.

Brother Louies message The Question of Faith was from Luke 18:8. The sermon answered the question.

Brandi Coopers shower Sunday was very good. From clothes, toys, diapers to stroller, she got it all.

Oh, who made the chicken salad on the little crackers! The baby carrots were good too, but the crackers were delicious. All of it that I tasted was good.

Sunday night after Youth Choir sang a very good offering of special music, Brother Louis spoke shortly. Then we had the Lords Supper.

Welcome to Macedonia to our new members! John and Diana Huston, Jerry, Brenda, and Brittany McGregor all joined our church recently.

Sunday, December 9, time of church will be as usual.

Adult Choir practice Sunday is at 5:00 P.M. and &;00 P.M. The Business meeting will be at 7:00 P.M.

On December 8 the Adult Mens Sunday School Class will treat themselves and the preacher and their wives to supper at Abbeville. The van leaves at 4:00 P.M.

On December 10. the H.O.P.E. meeting will be held at Harold and Patsy Grishams home at 7:00 P.M.

On December 13, Adult III Womens Sunday School Class will go for lunch at Taylors. The van will run.

On December 16 at night the Adult Choir under the direction of Terry Foley will be singing the Cantata Emmanuel Celebrating Heavens Child.

The Childrens Cantata will be December 23 in the evening under the direction of Carol Peters.

Adriana Shirley got sick at school one day last week and came here. She is better, mostly coughing. I enjoyed her visit.