Myrtle officials finalize track plans

The December Myrtle Board of Alderman meeting was a night full of business and visitors, the most prominent visitor being the city’s newest representative on the Union County Board of Supervisors, Peanut Pickens. Pickens said he came to show his support for the city of Myrtle and that he would be there for them if they ever needed his assistance.

The meeting began with Joe Davis opening in prayer, and continued with the approval of the minutes from last month. David Brown motioned to approve and Carolyn McCuiston seconded. A motion to pay the monthly bills was brought before the floor, Jeannette Thomas motioned they be paid, and Fleurette Ausburn seconded.

The next presentation was from Precision Engineering. The company made an offer to the city of Myrtle to assist in mapping the current water system in Myrtle. This would make it easier to find shutoff switches and broken lines.

Mayor Joe Rials said this map would be helpful to himself and Myrtle’s Water and General Maintenance Supervisor David Peeler who has previously had some difficulties finding the proper shut off valves in times of need.

The alderman were told they would be able to see each type of pipe and valve color-coded and as detailed as they needed the map to be.

Peeler said, “what we are looking for is a document that will help us find pipes easier.”

The alderman asked Precision Engineering to come up with a figure of how much this service would cost and present it at their January meeting.

The next order of business was deciding on which company the town would use to construct their new Hawk-shaped walking track. The alderman chose to use Kizer B & M Construction at a total cost of $41,000. The company hopes the track can be finished by the arrival of the New Year.

Ausburn made the motion to accept the bid and David Brown seconded.

During his presentation Peeler said the city’s new generator is running fine and is ready for any emergency needs. He also said the city needs to start taking bids on blasting and repainting the city water tower.

Police Chief Jim White asked for permission to buy special light sticks that could be used to direct traffic and help with control in any emergency situations. The alderman also said they felt they needed some of the sticks for city officials use as well. White said he would order some for the city’s vehicles.

A page of designs for new city signs was presented, and the alderman picked a design they liked. The toal cost of each sign will be addressed at the next meeting. The signs will be placed on the sides of the road at the entrances to the town. The meeting adjourned until January 3, 2008.