Eastern Lights 12/14/07

Sometimes good intentions can turn out wrong. In last weeks column I mentioned Christmas Cards for A recovering American Soldier, to be sent to a medical center. I heard on the National News broadcast the cards cant be delivered without having a persons name. Anyway, the thought was good.

We send sympathy to the family of Geraldine Ligon who was buried last week. She is survived by a daughter Clara Carter of Meridian, two sons Larry Ligon and Wayne Ligon of New Albany and several grand children and great grand-children.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Laurie White on the arrival of a baby boy, November 25. He weighed 8 lb. 2 oz. And was named Reese Edwin. He is welcomed by a 3-year old brother Owen.

Get well wishes to all the sick. Ruth Hardy Wages recently had brain surgery and was in ICU Sunday; Lee Earl Gilliam is in the New Albany Hospital with congestive heart failure; Elizabeth Wilson is in Tupelo Hospital with pneumonia; Amanda Jarvis will be having tonsil surgery Thursday; Lorette Overall, Rickey Bagwells sister, is having chemo treatments.

Earline Hall, Kay Harrison, Amy Bell and Nancy Bell enjoyed a family gathering at the home of Earlines niece, Sarah Garrett, in Memphis Sunday. Sarah is the daughter of Annie Ruth Owens Cappleman of Iuka.

Thanksgiving visitors of the Eugene White family were Earle and Barbara White; David, Shirley and Rebecca White; Jim, Mary Ann, Aaron, Austin and Alan White; Gary and Tracy Darby; and Joey and Jamie White.

Pleasant Ridge Brotherhood members will be preparing fruit baskets at the FLC Sunday at 8:00 A.M. and ask anyone who can to come and assist.

Members of the Blue Mountain College BSU will join other groups Saturday for a mission trip to China. Aaron White form Pleasant Ridge is included. Lets keep them in our prayers.

Last Thursday Betty Smith and I visited Mr. Bliss Eaton in a Ripley Nursing home, where he has lived for several years. For a 101 year old he is doing real well, and was asking about all the people around Pleasant Ridge. He is still walking, but uses a wheel chair to travel the long corridors, (in fact, he went so fast we had a hard time keeping up.) while there we saw Linda Sanford Forrester; MR. Bliss sister, Madge Baggett, who is recovering from a broken hip; and a lady I didnt know, Nora Lee Fryar. During the conversation after finding our my maiden name she remembered my parents, John and Pearl Knowles. Small world! She is a sister to the late Mary Lou Self of Dumas.

Churches are having their Christmas programs and it is sometime hard to decide where to attend. The Childrens Program at Pleasant Ridge Sunday night was real good. Eugene, Voncile and Jeff White; Toy, Gerald and Cloyce Hogue attended at Ingomar where they had family members involved and reported a very nice performance.

A late note! I just received news Ruth Wages is leaving the hospital today, Monday and will be recovering at the home of her sister, Ruby Burks, at Keownville. Best wishes to her.