Etta News 12/14/07

The outside scenery is not quite as pretty now since most of the beauty that was displayed with so many colors of leaves is now gone just bare trees and the beauty gone too. But in our minds there is a period of rest and when the time arrives again new life will show up and there will be beauty again. However, there is still a view now and nature is being displayed in a different way, with the season changes.

Sunday was a good day for being in church again with the outside temperatures so warm and pleasant almost like spring time in the middle of a winter month. If one is well its always good to be in church when that time comes. The second advent candle was lit by the children before the special time of the main service for the congregation. There was a little Christmas program Sunday night. The big Christmas tree in the main sanctuary was decorated so pretty made for sorta getting in the holiday feeling by just looking at it. Finger foods were served and enjoyed in the fellowship hall Sunday night at the Christmas Program.

One of the charge churches has had some special programs at Friendship with the children and some activities led by Brian Porter as leader. Special music by David Collins and Penny Heard at the piano and her daughter singing. The children sang the Lord’s Prayer in sign language. They honored three of the older women of the church which was Mildred Potts, Vernice Collins and Mary Frances Barber as reported to me. All the activities and the fellowship was very enjoyable. They were dismissed by prayer as the pastor Bro. Ivy gave the benediction.

A little Christmas program given by the children in K-4th grade was presented at the school house at West Union last Thursday night. The children did good with the help of their sponsor, Debbie Kirk. We hope of children now will in the future be our leaders for tomorrow and hopefully if they have good training all will be well.

Laverne Burchfield visited with me one evening last week. She and Curtis are doing pretty well after such a bad year of surgery. Hope they will continue to be on the good side now.

An “uninvited bug” hit the home of a Pinedale resident Sammie Lee and U.V. Hudson and took up abode with her for a few weeks. She has coughed so much and felt so had caused some medical attention. She lost her voice for a while but is at last getting better. Hopefully it is about to take its leave and not return. He has been going to doctor taking therapy with his shoulder. It was so bothering him so bad. It was Mr. arthritis. He is some better too. Maybe they will get over the visits soon and back to normal again.

Tom, Shelby and granddaughter, Morgan had big disappointment Saturday. They had an invitation to little Libby Gordon’s birthday party. Our former pastor’s and wife’s 2 year old. They had kept her for working mother every since she was six weeks old. Somehow there was a mistake in the date. They took off early Saturday morning to Columbus to get there by party time at 11 o’clock. Low and behold when they got to the appointed place no one was there. It was the Saturday before and they didn’t get to see little Libby after all that drive. Morgan loved her so much. She didn’t get to see her. In the meantime they came back to Hamilton and visited with a former pastor Bro. Mike Lips and wife Earlene for a while before heading back home. She is still recovering from an accident. Morgan enjoyed playing with their 2 girls, ara age 10 and Emily age 8. A beautiful day for running and playing outside for the girls.