Macedonia News 12/14/07

I dont have all my decorations up, and I dont have much shopping done. I havent done all my Christmas Cards, but maybe Ill make it by Christmas!

The WMU met at Patsy Grishams Monday night, December 3. We had a real good program. Patsy had her house decorated so pretty with 3 Christmas trees. She had delicious refreshments, one of the best fruit salads I have had in a while.

Tuesday night, December 4, at the Association Pastors and Wives Supper at Coffeys Fish and Steak, they really had a big crowd. Brother Billy Foley put a skit for them which I understand was a big hit.

We had 20 present for the Senior Adult meeting which was on Wednesday, December 5 and was held at Taylors. We exchanged Christmas ornaments by drawing a number. Malcolm was home and went with me, in fact, he took me, Sybil, and Clara Vance in the car, so we got two beautiful ornaments!

It is that time of year again, so Saturday night December 8, Adult Mens Sunday school class, taught by Keith Baker, went to Abbeville for their Christmas party. Seventeen people (wives were invited) went on the trip. Brother Louie and Melissa went with us. Marie Wilson was sick and didnt get to go. She was still sick Sunday.

Jim Black was having some tests Monday. Holly was going with him and Twanda. Jim is having Chemo and radiation. Twanda is hanging in there and the shingles are too.

Mary Ellen Bowling is going through re-hab following hip surgery.

Betty Carter is doing good.

Tom and Carolyn Freiday are not feel well. They have sinus infections.

Bubba Cobb is home from the hospital following surgery. He was at church but still cant drive.

Griffin Nelson is some better and is working a little.

Malcolm is having difficulties! The office lost the record of him coming in November for an eye check-up, so he had got to do it over! They said Are you sure you came?

My niece, Sandra Shirley Ethridge had many problems. Now, her husband Harold had to go on Kidney Dialysis. He is diabetic. Her daughter is also bad diabetic.

Stephen Harrell, Gingers husband is very sick with Pneumonia. Say a prayer for Stephen. We need him for our Cantata!!

Wesley Harrell, was sick again Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth Hales grand-daughter (not niece), Amanda Ross Butlers head aches are much better due to the medicine they are giving her.

Terry Foley sang the Special Music Sunday morning. It was a new song (at least to me) and very pretty.

Brother Louies message Four Step Plan for a Spiritual Breakthrough was based on 2 Samuel 5:17-25. Good Sermon!

Sunday night we studied in the Church Membership book. All three choirs are working on Christmas music so we had no special music Sunday night.

Brotherhood Breakfast Meeting will be at 7:00 A.M. Sunday, December 16.

Adult Christmas Cantata will be Sunday, December 16 at 6:00 P.M. The youth will sing after the Cantata. Then at approximately 7:00 P.M. we will have a church holiday meal in the Family Life Center.

Oh, Monday, December 17, the Brotherhood will be delivering Christmas boxes.

Dont forget the Childrens Program, Sunday, December 23 at 6:00 P.M.

I forgot my December birthdays! We have Sheila Parker on December 12; Nina Rhea Work on December 14; Margaret Murphree on December 16; Twanda Black on December 22; Haskell Rhea on December 25; Ann Whitehorn and Angela Shirley on December 31. Happy Birthday to all of you and to any other December child that didnt get named.