Ellistown Breezes 01/11/08

You know the holidays have ended when you see the yellow school buses go buzzing by. Another year has rolled off the books and we are beginning a new one. We can hope to be a little smarter and wiser this year. Lots of work to be done, which in this household includes boxing up the balance of Christmas decorations. Valentines are already displayed in stores so here we go again. Happy 2008.

Happy Birthday to Gladys Randle, of Tupelo, whose birthday is tomorrow, January 12.

We were glad to learn last Sunday that Mary Alice Clark is home and planning on seeing a doctor in Birmingham in the near future for a second opinion concerning surgery.

Sarah Grubbs told us that Brother Tommy and rose Vinson had a good visit with Billy Clayton who is in a hospital in Memphis. The operation on his leg having been successfully performed. They reported him to be in good spirits.

Congratulations to Van and Lori Walls who are in the process of adopting another small boy. There was a shower for him at the Church last Sunday afternoon.

Pleas be in prayer for Truitt Pannell and family as he was scheduled for surgery this past Tuesday.

So many of you asked me on Sunday about Amanda Perrin, Katies step-granddaughter, who was so broken up after her automobile accident. I called Katie this morning (Monday) for an update and Katie told me she is scheduled for surgery on her neck this morning. They are placing a rod, screws, and grafting bone to help her neck (putting a brace on her broken back). Both lungs are bruised so badly they had to drain them. Talking about a miracle, the fact this girl is not paralyzed is one in itself. She ahs improved enough to get up and walk a little. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as her husband and six month old baby. His parents have the baby and her mother and husband are staying with her.

I developed a headache, fever and sore throat last week and didnt get to do any visiting. Maybe I can this week or next. You can see that these Christmas decorations arent weighing heavily upon my mind. We have for years had each family members name written in silver glitter on a red colored ball ornament. Now I look at them and think, Were they really here? They always come on Christmas Eve but only stay for a couple of hours or so. Then I look at two of the ornaments that read Bill and Jack and now it seems that they were with us for such a brief period of time. I had one ornament made on faith this year that read Maggie. She was here on the inside this past year, but by Gods grace she will be able to pull at the ornaments this year. There is nothing more precious than your family.