Hurricane News 1/16/08

Several residents from the area enjoyed sightseeing in New York City during the Christmas season. From Hurricane were Daniel and Nita Robbins. From Memphis were Pam Short and her sister, Sheila Eaton.

I enjoyeda letter from Sarah Price of Acworth,, Georgia. She sent a news clipping about the late Congressman Charlie Norwood, R-Georgia as his widow Gloria had donated a generous amount of money to the Georgia School of Medicine for research and Habitat for Humanity in his congressional district as well as their local Methodist Church. I had the privilege of meeting Congressman Norwood in Washington at the inauguration for the President. His office was located next door to Congressman Roger Wicker, Both offices rolled out the red carpet for our Mississippi delegation as well as Senators Lott and Cochran. I had shared Norwood genealogy with Congressman Norwood for many years through the mail, so Sarah reads the New Albany Gazette and shared this news from Georgia. In her note she stated that Charlie Norwood had a good namein their state.Congratulationsto U.S. Rep. Roger Wicker of Pontotoc who is now our U.S. Senator.

News from the Chickasaw Nation hadpictures of Raylee andTucker Graham of Egypt. Oklahoma. Their grandparents, Faye and Rick Orr are residents of the Blue River region and raise bloodhounds on their farm.

Billy WayneMartin of Tennessee called, and we talked about his paintings on turkey feathers, He hadfour ornaments that were used for the White Houseduring the Christmas season. His topics were the Natchez Trace, Brice’s Crossroads Battle, and two Chickasaw depictions. I had saved the article from the Daily Journal as I enjoy artwork,

Get well wishes to Tim Ross of Shady Grove and to Esther Norwood of Etta,.

The winter Bible Study will be held Jan. 27-30 at Shady Grove Baptist Church with Bro. Don Savell as guest preacher. Bro. David Barnett is pastor.

Keel Creek Outfitters is having a busy hunting season. I stopped by for dessertone night as I just knew Miss Allison would be cooking. I enjoyed meeting Bro. Tim Saucier of Gulfport who had been to our church in Hurricane some ten years ago. His son Caleb is now 11. He knew Dawson Curtis, the former principal of the school there in Harrison County, who is from Hurricane. The Curtises had been to visit Allison Dowdy

Rossat Shady Grove during the holidays. Chris Russell and his wife, Missy, both enjoy hunting and now are showcasing our community with a hunting outfit. Bro. Tim killed a trophy 11 point near Smoke Top. I asked my dad what he was doing there, and Missy said that he was the entertainment for the group, so he shared some vintage hunting stories. He forgot to tell about his adventure in Canada when the guide forgot where he left him. After a frightful storm in bear country, they finally located him. He almost

was ready to walk home, but calmed down enough to finish his hunt. I got a call that they had lost an old man in the party, but they did not tell me it was Warren until he was safe in the camp. I called back to see if they had found the old man and found out that the search had been for my dad for several hours in the mountains. H e will be 82 in May and still climb a tree to his stand with the grandsons.

Marie Russell of Old Union had her children home for Christmas. She is ninety years young, and I enjoy hearing from her. Charlotte Hooker, who is also 90, stayed several days at our home during the holidays.

We enjoyed eating outon Christmas Day as the boys were hunting in Lafayette County.

A belated expression of sympathy is extended to the family of Coach Tim McCarver of Mantachie who was the son of Helen Coker McCarver of Ecru and of the late Mac McCarver. Hismaternal grandparents were the late Virgil and Ruth Coker of Buchanan.

Birthday wishes to Coach Mitch Stone of Potts Camp.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Clarence Lewis(83) who was the husband of Reba Waldron Lewis of Pleasant Dale. Survivors include the following children: Lucy Self, Linda Burks, and Tina Lewis; Brian Lewis, David Lewis, and Wesley Dillard’ stepchildren, Rose and Herbie Graham and Patricia and Richard Lester, a host of grandchildren and greats, and a sister, Louise Robbins. Clarence will be missed by his family and friends in Hurricane. Interment was at Warren Cemetery.

Birthday wishes to Phil Robbins, Mike Spears, Philliip Robbins, and Faye Dillard.

Belated birthday wishes to Ross cousins, Dicky and June, as theyshare a December birth date.

ThadRoss has been to China working as he was there 28 days, Barbara and Thad enjoyed a trip to Hawaii earlier in the summer. Thad’s plane change was inTokyo, Japan. It was interesting to hear of his travels and of the lifestyle and customs there. We caught up on our classmates from 1971,

A special get well wish to Dewitt Swords as he enjoys the Progress each week. His daughter, Betty stayed over a month with him recently.

Yesteryear’s in the community: The 1947 Pontotoc County Champs were the Hurricane Boy’s basketball team. Roy Dillard reported that they were the underdogs and the low seed in the tournament. They were Coached by Van Dorsett who was the husband of Mabel Norwood. He remembered beating a good Ecru team coached by a Mr. Martin and then Algoma, who was coached by Arthur Norwood. who was a brother-in-law to Mr. Dorsett. Roy will be 80 in March, and there are only three team members left from this group.The teams of the 1940’s were often left short as the boys were called into service for WWII. If they were onmilitary leave, they often suited up to play with their classmates. One coach would put his player’s Army jacket under his cushion so the fans wouldn’t protest or be reminded that he had been to Europe and back home. Hill country basketball wasvery competitive then.