New Albany Middle School News 01/16/08

The Geographic Bee was last Friday. I want to congratulate all the 90 people who

were in the Bee. You all did a great job in the Bee. We had 22 people who to do a

tiebreaker for a spot in the finals. 22 people were there, but only one had to come out for

the final place in the finals. The ten finalists in the Bee were Daniel Drummond, Cam

Clark, Arturo Valles, Riley Alef, Easton Hall, Josh Creekmore, Jonah Zahller, Walter

Smith, Brianna Smith, and Jessye Staten. The winner of the Geographic Bee was Josh

Creekmore, 2nd place was Riley Alef, and 3rd place was Walter Smith. Josh Creekmore

will take a 1 hour written test which will be sent to Washington D.C. for grading. The

top 100 students scores will attend the State Bee in Pearl in April. Thank you to Mrs.

Anita Callicutt, Mrs. Lynn Harrison, Mrs. Elaine Watson, Mrs. Kate Swords, Katisha

Knox, and Ms. Leanne George for help coordinating the Bee.

Mrs. Gillean has a new student teacher in her class. Her name is Jennifer Ash, and

She is from Potts Camp. She is attending Blue Mountain College, and is in the Army

Reserve. Well, she is welcome to our school and I hope you have a good time here at

great New Albany Middle School.

The Union County Tournament was last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Teams

from Myrtle, East Union, West Union, Ingomar, and from here at New Albany played in a

great basketball tournament. We would like to thank all the volunteers who came to help

work at the tournament and to help make this tournament a really great one.

Well, that is all I got for this week. We are off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so

well get a extra day off. Ill try to have more news next week! Have a great day and a

long weekend and rememberYOU CANT HIDE THAT BULLPUP PRIDE!