FBC moving forward

A maze of steel beams standing beside First Baptist Church of New Albany (FBCNA) is the framework for 20,000 square feet of education space the church hopes to be using by Nov. 2008.

The structure will be three stories with an elevator servicing all floors. The bottom floor has been designated as an area for preschool and children.

“In our current building our preschool is spread out from one end of the building to the other. There are three halls separating the preschool area. It is not as security oriented as we like. The new building will help us keep all of our children together in a secure environment. Each room will have it’s own bathroom. All of these things will allow our children’s teachers to focus on teaching,” Aubry Martin, minister of education, administration and children, said.

The second floor (main floor) will include office space and adult Sunday school and restroom space.

“This building project shows that we recognize the growth that is coming and we want to be ahead of the game, not reactionary to it. It mean quality space for our children and preschoolers, which they need,” Rickey Blythe, pastor, said.

The third floor will be entirely dedicated to youth ministry and will feature a gathering area and caf for the ministry.

“The new building is going to give us much needed new space. The space we have now is not conducive to what we do. The size of the rooms will be much larger and much better for what we do with youth Bible study,” Paul Sizemore, youth minister, said.

Blythe said additional parking will be located off of Bankhead St. The church has also purchased the Porter house located next to the church and will move turn the area into a children’s playground after moving the house off of the property.

“A lot of credit need to go to our committee for really working hard and keeping this project moving,” Blythe said.

Blythe said the old office space and Sunday school area would eventually be renovated in another project.

The church is in need of quality space, Blythe explained. He said many of the members are parking over three blocks away so the new parking will be very helpful.

“We have a vision for the future. We believe FBCNA has a long, rich tradition of ministry in this community, and we do not believe we are finished. We are ready to move forward,” Blythe said.