Myrtle aldermen send out property clean-up notices to town landowners, trailer parks

Patrol car bids, construction debris and water tank maintenance were all on the agenda of the February Myrtle Aldermans meeting. Fleurette Ausburn, Jeanette Thomas and Carolyn McCuistion were the only three of the cities five alderman present. Mayor Joe Rials, Police Chief Jim White, Water Manager David Peeler, City Clerk Marie Tate and City Attorney Joe Davis were all present as well.

After the meeting was opened with prayer, Thomas motioned to pay the citys outstanding warrants. McCuistion seconded.

The first order of business was to choose a voting delegate to send to vote on the board of directors for the Mississippi Rural Water Association.

The board chose Peeler. During this time of discussion he announced to the alderman that he had passed his licensing test and had sent off his application for a certified water manager license.

The next order of business was to approve the writing of letters asking landowners to clean up their property. The board approved a motion to write a letter to M and D properties asking them to clean up the large appliances and debris in their trailer park located adjacent to Myrtle Attendance Center. The board also approved a motion to send letters to the owners of the property at 1026 and 1027 Church Street asking them to clean up construction debris in their yards.

Following the guidelines set in Myrtle Town Ordinance No. 55, the letters give the property owners 30 days to clean up their property. If they refuse, they must appear before the aldermen and explain why they have not cleaned their land. If no action is taken the city will clean their property at the owners expense.

This ordinance is not about beautification. Its about safety. Large piles of debris and old appliances attract snakes and rodents. They are not safe for our children to be around either, Rials said.

The next item on the agenda was to accept bids from citizens to buy an unusable patrol car. The city deemed the patrol car as surplus and accepted a bid of $600 from Gilley Auto Repair.

The town had been accepting bids for the general maintenance and painting of their water tower. Three bids were submitted. Tank Pro bid $68,850. Superior Tank Company bid $121,900. Utility Service Company, Inc. bid $137,754.

The bids were given to Peeler to examine and deliver his recommendation at the next meeting.

Police Chief Jim White said there was nothing to report.

In his water report, Peeler said some of the towns water pumps had been acting up, but they were currently being fixed and would pose no threat to the city.

Peeler reported that the tornado sirens had been fixed and were working during the storms Tuesday night.