County takes asphalt bids for state aid project

Two weeks after receiving word from the Mississippi State Auditors office regarding the legal standing of its asphalt contract with W.G. Construction, the Union County board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to advertise for asphalt bids for its state aid road project.

The contract with W.G. Construction was advertised in December and were going to expect them to continue to delivering the hot mix at that price, County Attorney Thad Mueller said. But, regarding the state aid project, which is our main concern right now, uses a special mix of hot mix. Our recommendation would be to bid for hot mix on this state aid project.

According to Union County Engineer Hubert Foley, there is a difference between the asphalt the county purchases with its general bid and the asphalt mix required for the state aid project.

The state aid contract requires that the county provide a special kind of mix, Foley said. The difference is that the first bid was just a general grade of hot mix and was for multipurpose use. We had planned on the use of that general mix, but this new mix has different ingredients and is of a higher quality.

The countys general asphalt contract is for $46 per ton with W.G. Construction.

The contractor had previously requested a re-negotiation of prices due to high fuel costs, but the state auditors office stated that the contract was legally binding and, therefore, must be upheld.

The state aid project consists of 44 miles of county roads and goes under the name SAP73. This type of project means that the county can be reimbursed by the state for the costs of repairing or constructing certain roads.

The board also approved a payment of $8,181.30 to Roberts Paving. The company is handling the county contract to lay new asphalt on the county roads.

The board also approved baliff pay and approved the retirement of former New Albany Fire Department Chief Richard Hamric from the 911 commission, following his retirement from the city.