Citizen seeks supervisors’ ok on mobile home permit

Union County resident James Beard came before the board Monday, September 29, 2008 to discuss his parcel of land.

Mildred Churchill from the 9-1-1 office told Beard that a special exception permit needed to be authorized from the Board to be able to put another mobile home on his acre of land.

According to the half-acre mobile home ordinance, mobile homes have to be on only a half an acre of land, but no more than one mobile home or house can be put on a half an acre.

In Beard’s situation, he has a house, a single-wide mobile home and a double-wide mobile home, all on one acre of land.

Board president Danny Jordan, said, “We will go out there and take a look at the situation, but you may have to move one of those mobile homes onto a half-acre lot. We will have an answer to you by next Monday.”

Next on the agenda was Dickson Simmons representing Zurich Insurance Company. He discussed the coverage offered by Zurich for property insurance. The Board will look over his information and decide an insurance company in the near future. Nothing was decided at this time.

Union County Coroner Mark Golding requested lodging and travel expenses for one of the New Albany Police Department’s officers to attend a death scene investigation class at the law enforcement officer’s training academy.

The Board accepted the request and the motion was carried.

Union County Fire Coordinator Steve Coker requested travel expenses to attend a statewide fire coordinator’s meeting at the state fire academy.

The Board accepted the request and the motion was carried.

Dennis Rakestraw, Union County tax assessor and collector, told the Board that the 2007-2008 mobile home taxes need to be paid.

“If these owners won’t pay, I will have to turn these people over to the sheriff and sell their mobile homes, but I will make every effort not to have to sell somebody’s house from underneath them,” said Rakestraw.

Rakestraw added, “If you own your own mobile home and you don’t pay your taxes, it is sold. When it is sold, there is no recourse.”

A certified letter has been sent out to the owners of the approximately 70 mobile homes that says there is 20 days to have their taxes paid.

The motion was carried to turn these mobile homes and names of the mobile home owners over to the Union County Sheriff’s Department if taxes are not paid.

Then the Board approved the following: bailiff pay, medical examiner fees, registration fee for justice court clerk seminar, solid waste register corrections, change order for airport fueling system, amend the fiscal year 2008-2009 budget to actual and pay increases for all county employees.

Union County Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford said that if anyone has moved since the last election, they should call or come by the Courthouse to make an address change correction.

The Board will reconvene Monday, October 6, 2008.