Supervisors approve out-of-state training for rescue team

In the effort of improving response to a potential emergency, the Union County Urban Search and Rescue team will soon be headed out of state to undergo training.

The Union County Urban Search and Rescue team requested approval for the dive team to use the county truck to cross the state line and go to Pellum, Ala. for body recovery training.

According to team member Curt Clayton, “There are 30 volunteers and all are certified in either Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, or fire training. Land searches are conducted with the Fire Department, whereas water searches are conducted by the Sheriff’s Department. The team practices training in both land and water searches.”

The Union County Urban Search and Rescue is a volunteer team run by Southeast Fire Department and the Union County Sheriff’s Department.

The board approved the request.

Dennis Rakestraw, Union County tax assessor and collector, requested an approval for the 2007 insolvency list. Insolvency refers to the bankruptcy of businesses by nonpayment of taxes. The board approved his request.

The next item on the agenda was the approval of the Union County Road Department general work schedule. It was approved for the work completed in September and for the work to be completed in October. The department’s work schedule for the month of October is paving, bush-hogging, limb cutting and maintaining roads.

The board then approved the claims docket, approved the state tax commission’s recap of assessment for real and personal property, and accepted and authorized a 1 mil levee release for the 2008 tax rolls from the state tax commission.

County Administrator Terry Johnson said, “The state tax commission releases the 1 mil taxes and Union County will have a 1 mil mandatory levee and the state tax commission won’t release it until the 2008 tax rolls are approved and authorized.”

Even though Board President Danny Jordan and District Five Board Member Benny Rakestraw were not in attendance at the weekly Board of Supervisors meeting, the meeting was conducted as originally planned, with District Two Board Member Sammy Coffey acting as president.

Jordan and Rakestraw are on an Alaskan cruise until Thursday at a National Association of Development Organization (NADO) conference, which is sponsored by Three Rivers Planning and Development District. Both supervisor members are on the Three Rivers board. According to Three Rivers, NADO has 360 members nationwide and an annual conference is held that all the Three Rivers’ board members attend. The members come from all 50 states and a different location is chosen each year.

The Supervisors will reconvene October 13, 2008.