NA school board honors speech and debate coach

The New Albany Public School Board meeting had more visitors than normal at the monthly board meeting. Commendations were given to various recipients and principals from New Albany Elementary School (NAES), New Albany Middle School (NAMS), and New Albany High School (NAHS) all spoke at the meeting too.

The board began by giving out commendations. Kyle Hickey received a perfect score in U. S. History at NAHS. This was a subject area test and Hickey was the only person to score a perfect score in any subject.

Alicia Robinson won the Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA) State Speech and Debate Coach of the Year for 2008-2009. Robinson said, ” I am very humbled by the fact that my colleagues thought I was worthy of this award. Competing in speech and debate is in my heart.”

Cindy Ashmore, Lea Taylor, Lisa Gaines and Christie Poer all received an award for outstanding and timely reporting of monthly data for 2007-2008. All recipients said that they couldn’t do it without Ashmore.

During the Superintendent’s Report, the board talked about a proposed color scheme for the renovated band and dressing rooms at NAMS.

Robert Merritt, director of transportation, federal projects, activities and athletics, conducted a drug test of a total of 72 randomly picked NAMS and NAHS students. “Every student came back 100% negative,” said Merritt.

All three schools in the district recently received scores back from the first Mississippi Curriculum Test, 2nd edition. NAES, NAMS and NAHS all gave a report.

This was the first year that students had taken the MCT2. This year the test was supposed to be aligned to national standards. 3rd to 8th grade math and language arts (reading and writing) were tested, along with 5th and 8th grade science. According to the National Assessment of Educational Programs (NAEP), if a student scored proficient on the MCT2, the student should also score proficient on the NAEP.

The 8th grade math and the 4th grade language scored #1 in the Northeastern Mississippi district. There are 30 districts in this area.

According to the NAMS report, the main area of focus for improvement in 8th grade language and middle school science.

The board approved the minutes from the September 8, 2008 board meeting, approved bills and allowances, and approved salvage equipment. The board also approved two fundraiser requests. One was from Bancorp South to throw mini footballs at a game and the other was from NAHS to sell tickets for cow patty bingo. The board also approved the 2008 fiscal year final amended budget. The year closed out with $1, 331, 709.90. The board also approved the Foreign Exchange Student Policy. “We want a more formalized approach to make sure that everyone is treated equally,” said Garrett.

Ms. Susan Birchfield, NAHS government teacher, has been appointed chairperson of the Accreditation Committee.

The Federal Programs Audit has been completed and the school district had zero citations.

The approved substitute teacher list is as follows: Trisha Kitchens, Beatrice Cook, Jane Ford, Marilyn Fuller, Alecia Grissett, Sarah Heger, Galor Jackson, Johnnie Kidd, David Moore, Debbie Rowan, Denise Spight, Korrie Smith, Katheryn Adkins, Tracey Adkins, Tiffany Graham, Andrea Johnson, Karen Jumper, Arlesha Norman, Lois Spiese and Mary Ellen Frazier as cafeteria sub.

The board will reconvene Monday, November 10, 2008.