City and county groups begin daffodil project to beautify area, honor residents

By Angie Barmer

New Albany and Union County will flourish with the color yellow next spring as daffodils blossom throughout the city. Approximately 2,500 yellow Judge Master early bloomer daffodils will be planted in late November to represent all of the residents in Union County. The number planted will be adjusted as the population increases.

In February 2008, Jill Smith, Union County Heritage Museum Director, Denise Pugh, Sherra Owen, Betsey Hamilton, and Bethany Dalton, Union County Development Association Tourism Director, went to a presentation in Tupelo that concentrated on parks and park restoration. Lynden Miller, resident of New York City, discussed New York City’s “Daffodil Project.” This project originally came about to commemorate 9/11 and the idea was to not only beautify but to also plant a bulb for each New York City resident.

Historic Northside District Garden Club members Jill Smith and Bethany Dalton discussed the idea and decided that this project would be great for New Albany and Union County too.

The specific goal of this project is three fold: plant one flower for each resident of Union County, beautify the county, and hopefully as tourists come to the county, they will see the beautiful flowers planted throughout the county. According to Dalton, “In addition, as the flowers are planted throughout the county, they will be placed in areas that will create attractive entrances into the community.”

The residents are encouraged to plant the daffodils in public places, such as at their businesses, churches, schools, right of ways, or any area that flowers can make a place seem more beautiful. “We are going to try to get individuals, groups, organizations, businesses to plant a daffodil,” said Dalton.

The initial phase of this project is being planned and worked on by the following:

1. For the Park A-Long the River – by Walter Smith for his Eagle Scout Project, assisted by members of scout troop # 17, and members of the New Albany Garden Club. The plan is for 600 bulbs to be planted at the Tallahatchie Trail Bridge, 150 on each corner of the bridge.

2. For the Boys and Girls Club of New Albany – the club members will be assisted by UNITE Board Members. The plan is for one bulb to be planted for each club member and each member of their family in front of the New Albany Club House.

3. For New Haven School – assisted by members of the members of Keep New Albany Union County Beautiful committee. One bulb will be planted for each client at the school and one for each member of their family.

4. The Highland Street Triangle – the Historic Northside District Garden Club will plant bulbs for each member of their club and each family member.

This is not just a garden club project, but a community-wide project and everyone is encouraged to participate. The bulbs that will initially be used are large yellow, Dutch Master, early bloomers, but any daffodil can be used and they can be purchased at most garden centers, or any local landscape company should be happy to help.

The Office of Tourism at the Union County Development Association is serving as the point of contact for this project. So once a family, individual, organization, or business decides to participate, please call Bethany Dalton at the UCDA office at 662-534-4354 so a record of the number and location of bulbs planted can be maintained.