Myrtle city board passes new parking ordinance

By Elizabeth Zaremba

The Myrtle park was the main topic of interest during this month’s Board of Aldermen meeting held on November 6. Among things discussed was a new ordinance, as well as ways to beautify the area.

The Aldermen discussed Ordinance 72 in October, which would prohibit overnight parking at the park as well as Town Hall. Town attorney Joe Davis prepared the Ordinance for the board’s approval, and it was decided that no overnight parking would be allowed, and a fine of $100 will be assessed to any violators.

Also on the agenda from the October meeting was Ordinance 71, which would require residents to use a trash container of some sort. After hearing the details of the Ordinance, which included requirement of purchasing a plastic container of no more than 96 gallons, as well as no homemade containers, the board agreed to hold off on approval while revisions are made. Ordinance 72 became Ordinance 71 and was approved after motioned by Alderman Carolyn McCuistion and seconded by David Brown. The trash Ordinance is now Ordinance 72 and will be on the agenda again in December.

Keeping with the topic of the park and walking track, the board has approved of a name for the area, C.J. Myers Park. Also, several individuals have expressed an interest in purchasing benches in honor of individuals that will be placed in the park. The law firm of Rutledge, Davis and Harris has already donated trees, while Kyle Bedford has donated plants for the park.

The Aldermen also approved for Town Clerk Marie White to travel to Jackson in December for her certification meeting.

Property clean-ups from October include David Greer and Ricky Barnett, who complied, as well as David Alberson and Calvin Huffsticker who were both fined by the Aldermen after not complying. Alberson will be charged $350 plus clean up for his property, while Huffsticker will be charged $500 plus clean up, as he has ignored prior violations from the summer. Also added to the list is the Hester property at 1004 Church St. They will be fined $350 plus clean up as well.

Added to the list for November is Terry Robbins at 1020 Church St.

Closing out the meeting, Police Chief Jim White gave the monthly report and talked to the Aldermen about purchasing citation books, so he and his staff can hand out violations without having to wait to go through Town Hall.

David Peeler was not present for the meeting, but the Aldermen read through the water report as well.

Marie White provided petitions for the Aldermen, as they will be up for re-election in the spring, and the meeting adjourned with the next month’s scheduled for December 4.