Myrtle further discusses new trash ordinance

A quiet month called for a short meeting of the Myrtle Aldermen on December 4. Alderman David Brown sat in place of Mayor Joe Rials, who was out of town on business.

The Aldermen reviewed the property violations from November, and Town Clerk Marie White set pointed out three serious violations that attorney Joe Davis needed to look over before bills could be issued. These include David Alberson for $464.07, Calvin Huffstickler for $623.85 and O.D. Hester for $464.07. No new violations were brought forward for December.

Davis also had prepared for the Aldermen the updated version of Ordinance 72, calling for residents to place their trash in a plastic container, as well as setting specific times for residents to place their trash outside for pickup. The Aldermen will review the ordinance over the next month, and it will be on the table for discussion during the January meeting.

Police Chief Jim White reviewed the police report for November, and besides a burglary at the Myrtle Quick Stop, there was little to no activity for the month.

David Peeler of the water department, who also handles all cleanups of property violations, suggested purchasing a new tractor to help with the cleanups. Peeler stated that purchasing a new tractor during the slow season, winter, would be best so they can get a better deal on the equipment. The tractor Peeler has in mind would cost between $20,000-$25,000. The Aldermen will discuss this issue further once Mayor Rials returns.

Before the meeting ended, Carolyn McCuiston talked about a couple suggestions that were brought to her attention courtesy of residents. The first from Al Simmons was about a pothole on the side of the Fire Department that needs to be filled. The second from Ed Harris was in reference to placing a streetlight by the Myrtle Gym on North Street. There is a pole located on the corner on town property, therefore a streetlight could be placed there. White will look into the issue and report back to the Aldermen in January with an update.

The final topic discussed was when the January meeting would take place. Since the first Thursday of January falls on New Year’s Day, the Aldermen voted to move the meeting to the next Tuesday, January 6, 2009 in order for White to have the town’s bills paid on time. The meeting adjourned after 30 minutes, and the Aldermen will meet again on January 6, 2009.