“Sharing at Christmas” $5K short of food funds needed

With only a week and a half until Christmas, the 2008 “Sharing at Christmas” fund is woefully short of its goal of $25,000.

As of press time, the fund has received approximately $8,000 in monetary donations, as well as some donations of toys.

The money that is donated is designated solely for the “Sharing at Christmas” fund.  A large majority of the funds are used by several volunteers to purchase food that will be included in each of the 250  Christmas boxes.

Unfortunately, due to the ever-rising costs of groceries, we are still far short of the ability to help this same number of people this Christmas.  In order to purchase the amount of food needed for these boxes, at least $5,000 more is needed.

Donations of money can be made at anytime.  These donations, as well as toys and clothing, can be made at the New Albany Gazette office Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.