County schools hold football, band interest meetings

Parents and students have gathered at each of the county schools to discuss the possibility of adding a football and band program to the county.

Residents of Myrtle of Ingomar met on December 16, while West Union held their meeting on December 18. Administrators from each school saw the same reaction from parents and students at each of their respective schools.

“We had a positive feedback,” Ingomar principal Kenny Rogers said. “There were a lot of questions asked about how this will work and how it will be financed. There were a lot of questions, but they all want the same thing and that’s more opportunities for the students.”

“The people were very interested and are curious as to how we’re going to get the program started,” West Union principal Paul Correro added.

Many questions were presented, including the addition of AP courses and improvements for buildings at the schools on top of the addition  of football and band.

“Our parents would like to see some upgrades with our facilities, more classrooms, teachers, AP classes, and the question was raised if we would have the funding for these things as well as a football program,” Rogers said.

The focus was on the band program at Myrtle, as parents asked how the program, as well as football, would be introduced and organized.

“We talked a lot about the possible band program and what we would need to get that started,” Myrtle principal Vince Jordan said. “We discussed teaching the kids sheet music and the different instruments starting in January, then trying to purchase instruments in the fall.”

With East Union already holding their interest meeting earlier this month, all of the schools have met about the possible program and it is now in the hands of the county school board as to what will happen next. The options are, a county-wide football and band program, or the addition of the program at East Union only.

“We don’t know what direction we’re going to go in yet,” Union County Superintendent Ken Basil said. “We’re waiting to look at the final numbers and see how much of an interest was at each school and whether it was enough.”

Basil hopes the topic can be brought up as soon as the next county school board meeting.

“We assume we will make a decision on January 6, but we will have to look at the numbers and see what happens.”

Regardless of when the decision will be made, an interest has spread throughout the county, and the possibility of football and band for at least one of the county schools is realistic.

“We’re excited about the possibilities,” Basil said. “I attended two of the meetings, and both were positive and upbeat. Now we will wait to see what will happen next.”