Sharing at Christmas needs your help

The cartoon to the right of this editorial clearly exemplifies the plight of local charities during these hard economic times. The wheels are literally off of the meals-on-wheels program.

Obviously, this newsaper is vitally interested in the continued contributions to Sharing at Christmas, as it has been for over 30 years. However, things are really different this year. It’s not that we don’t still need all the money we can get to assist our less fortunate Union County neighbors, it’s that we can see the hurt, sometimes dispair and always discouraged looks on the faces of those who come to us for help and we know that day-in and day-out, not just once  a year, they are hungry and in need.

As we consider what we as individuals can do to help, please, when you make your contributions to Sharing at Christmas, keep in your mind and hearts that many if not most of those we will be able to assist will still need assistance tomorrow and tomorrow. Were you to really go deep down in your heart, perhaps you will find some additional contributions to share with some other very worthy charities in our county.

It will not surprise anyone that the applicants for Sharing at Christmas are much greater in number than in years prior and the contributions being received seem, like every year, to not be enough to cover the costs to serve these folks. But, like every year for the past 30 years, we know the people of Union County will, once again, be led by their good hearts and help make Sharing at Christmas a blessing to our less fortunate neighbors.

It’s important to remember that Sharing at Christmas is a Union County-wide charitable program to provide food and toys at Christmas for those in need throughout the county.

Please send your contibutions to Sharing at Christmas, Post Office Box 300, New Albany, Mississippi 38652 or come by the offices of The New Albany Gazette, 713 Carter Avenue in New Albany.