County to receive $300k reimbursement for bridge project

Union County will be reimbursed $343,100 for a Local System Bridge Program (LSBP) project that was completed in April 2008. This is for  LSBP projects 73-15, which had two bridges put across Sand Creek and Okannatie Creek on County Road 108, which are in district three.

Union County Engineer Hubert Foley said, “The available funds for last term were not enough to do that project, but it needed to be done, so the county advanced funds and sent it to state aid to put into the project fund, By state law, we can’t do it using any state funds unless we have enough in the fund to do it. If you don’t have enough funds, you can supplement road and bridge funds. In this new term of  office, the funds have become available. The county will get back $343, 100, which will go back into the bridge and road funds. The advance helped because it sped the project up a year and allowed the county to do the project a year ahead of time.”

The amount available for future LSBP projects is $255,254.04 because that is the money leftover after the total LSBP funds are allocated to the county.

Foley said, “In the state aid fund, Union County has $410, 866 available to be programmed for state aid funds. Federal funds total $297, 391 and are allocated but not appropriated. LSBP funds total $598, 354.04 but we are requesting $343, 100 out of that and that leaves  $255, 254.04 available for future LSBP projects.”

Union County recieves1.17 percent of the total state allocation for state aid funds.

The board also approved the road and bridge inspections for 2008 and the four-year road plan for 2009. County Administrator Terry Johnson said, “The county supervisors have to inspect all of the roads in the county before they do the road plan. They inspected them and then amended the four-year road plan, which has to be amended every year. It is required by law.”

Then, the board approved the ad valorem 10-year exemption for industrial expansion from Cooper Electrical Controls, Inc. and a nine-year exemption from CEC Production Metal Processing.

The board also approved: 42 medical examiner fees, county election commissioner’s per diem claim form, bailiff pay, justice court needing a manual check for $200 for registration fees to attend the Mid-Winter Conference in Jackson, and a motion was carried to continue using the services of Butler Snow Bond Council.