Ellistown Breezes

Brother Mike started back with two services Sunday before last and there was a good crowd for both services.  Aileen Roberts was scheduled for special music in the early service and Heather Roberts (Brother Chad’s wife) was scheduled for the second service. Since Brother Chad’s mother was worse, of course they were not present so Brother Dexter put a “Spur-of-the-moment Quartet” together, consisting of Walter Moore, Brother Mike Powell, Dexter Griggs and Ken Briggs.  They were very good.  Then Brother Mike brought a message from Psalms.

This past Sunday we were just beginning our Sunday School Class when Imogene Priest was called out of our class because her mother’s sister who resided in Atlanta had died.  Deepest sympathy to Buple Childers and her family.

Deepest sympathy to the families of Hershell Pannell and Paul Coleman who recently died.

I am sorry I missed last week’s paper but I am having printer problems again on a new printer.  I think perhaps it is because the user don’t know what she is doing.

Happy Birthday to Ron Briggs, Isabella Roberts and Irene Reed.  Happy belated Birthday to Gladys Randle of Tupelo whose birthday was January 12th, and to Neil Roberts, whose birthday was the 13th.

A special happy 80th birthday to Bill’s sister, Maxine Bowman of Olive Branch.  May you have many more. 

Happy anniversary to David and Joan Coker.

I talked to Johnnie Bell this morning who is now in room 203.  Her daughter Lynda answered the phone. Johnnie is in good spirits and Lynda said she had just eaten her first solid food in two weeks (scrambled eggs) since having 18-inches of her colon removed.  They found a few other spots and will, of course, treat those with chemo in the near future.  Don’t you know those scrambled eggs tasted like steak to her after two weeks on Jell-O. Johnnie is one of our 49ers., so class, please keep her on your prayer list.

Three of our “Church” cancer patients; Lula McCord, Gary Roberts and Jo Nell Coker are all feeling pretty good right now.  I talked with Lula’s sister Sylvia this morning and I heard about Gary from Mom and Carolyn, as well as saw him in church yesterday.  Ruth Duggar, Jo Nell’s neighbor, told us in class that she was feeling better.

Brother Chad and family were in church yesterday and said his mother is not any better and they are just waiting.

I heard yesterday that Percy Grubbs was in intensive care at Tupelo.  The doctors were trying to clear one of his lungs.  Today I spoke with his wife, Connie, and he has now been transferred to a room. Percy is a brother to Brother Trent Grubbs of New Albany.

Ellistown Baptist Church’s second and third graders enjoyed a rare warm sunny day at Mike and Sherry Moore’s house.  They petted the horses, climbed on the hay, played in the storm cellar and jumped on the trampoline. Faith, friends and fun was enjoyed by all.

By the time you read this we will have a new President, Barack Obama. Isn’t it wonderful that we can see it on television?  At my age now I would certainly hate to think I had to mix in that mob I saw in Washington yesterday.  We have a beautiful first family and second family.  Let’s help them as much as we can to get our country turned around.