Etta News

When I sat down to write a little news as I usually do the word change kept crossing my mind.  I don’t know why but the more I thought about it the more evidence I could see in life’s pathway.  The schedule of the day before one may already be in place but some things could happen very quickly and some of the plans had to be changed.  The schedule had been interrupted which required revision of some of the days activities.  It is in the pathway of life.  Some of the plans have to be rescheduled because of circumstances beyond our control had interfered and other ways had to be worked out.

We are getting on in the start of  another new year and maybe some of the mistakes made in the past can be avoided after reflecting on them and doing better the coming year.

We have been having a different speaker for the Sunday services at Salem for our pastor is in training for a few Weeks at Maxwell Air Force Base.  He will be in his pulpit soon and the other speakers will be relieved of that fill in for him.

It was a little on the cool side Sunday for people who were not up to par to go out to church Sunday but Mrs.Elsie Wallace has been so faithful to attend pretty regularly since she has felt some better.  Mr. Tom Davis, who was a regular before his misfortune of a fall  that resulted in a broken bones.  He had to be out while he was recuperating.  He was able to be back in his pew Sunday which was so good to be back.  He has been missed with the smile as he enters the sanctuary,  Curtis and Laverne Burchfield of Bethel church made it back in their church after so much disability lately.  We are glad they are able to do that.  They have had a pretty bad time physically in the past year.  Hopefully it will be a better year for them in 2009.

David Fortune from Texas made a trip back home to his mothers’ and Bobby Joe’s house for a short time over the weekend.  He made the trip safely and got back home in Texas and called to relatives here he was home safely.

The youth (4th thru 7th grade) of West Union school basketball students enjoyed all the games at the tournament during the weekend at Myrtle.  They placed second.  They played hard for this position.  They were thrilled to get a trophy.    Milan of Tupelo was first place winner. 

Tom and Shelby were supper guests “by invitation” in the home of Delene  Kirk Sunday night.

 They enjoyed the meal very much and the fellowship with them. 

Don’t ever give up your dreams…and never leave them behind.  Find them, make them yours, all through your life, cherish them, and never let them go.