Hawk News

Hello again Hawk fans!  There’s a lot of news to report so I’ll get right to it.  Who’s Who elections were held recently and the results are as follows:  Mr. Myrtle Senior High – Justin Jordan; Miss Myrtle Senior High – Beth Goolsby; Most Likely to Succeed – Josh Walker and Brooke Thompson; Most Intellectual – Josh Walker and Aimee Walker; Most Versatile – Jimel Judon and Rhagen Hopper; Friendliest – David Wilson and Megan Allred; Most Stylish – Chad Isom and Kaitlyn Crum; Most School Spirited – Jimel Judon and Keli Jones; Most Courteous – Josh Newsum and Keli Jones; Most Popular – Justin Jordan and Rhagen Hopper; Most Memorable – Houston Cagle and Brooke Thompson; Prettiest Eyes – Josh Black, Morgan Michael and Leslie Miller; Prettiest Smile – Josh Black and Sara Emily Lawrence; Funniest – David Wilson and Leslie Miller; Mr. Myrtle Jr. High – Riley Clayton; Miss Myrtle Jr. High – Selena Foster; Most Intellectual – Austin Fitts and Jenna Jordan; Most Popular – Trey Barkley and Jenna Jordan; Friendliest – Justin Pickens and Halle Knowles; Most Stylish – Riley Clayton and Emily Cook; Most School Spirited – Austin Fitts, Aspriona Gilbert, and Jenna Jordan; Most Courteous – Joshua Jones and Marley Hall; Prettiest Eyes – Taylor Hogue and Christine Brassell; Most Fun to be Around – Dion Wilson and Aspriona Gilbert.

The Myrtle Reading Fair was held on Thursday, Jan. 22 and the winners are as follows:  Kindergarten Individual – 2nd Place Cailyn Rape, 1st Place Keragen McCullough; 1st Grade Individual – 1st Place Gregory Woods; 2nd Grade Individual – 3rd Place Tyler Bramlitt, 2nd Place Paxton Gordon, 1st Place Bennett McCullough; 3rd Grade Individual – 3rd Place Madelyn Wilcox, 2nd Place Caroline Greer, 1st Place Ellie Fitts; 4th and 5th Grade Individual – Honorable Mention Seth DeVaughn, 3rd Place Cal McGehee, 2nd Place Christian Thomas, 1st Place Callie Denton; 6th through 8th Grade Individual – Honorable Mention Matt Taylor, 3rd Place Nathan Mansell, 2nd Place Kellan Tanner, 1st Place Austin Fitts; 9th through 12th Grade Individual – 1st Place Chesea Taylor; Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Group – 3rd Place Cole Windham, Samantha Carwyle and Ashley Barnes, 2nd Place Beth Medlin and Taylor Wages, 1st Place Kristen Young, Lilly Dixon and Megan Lowrey; 4th through 8th Grade Group – Honorable Mention Darius Shorter, Ben Paist and Logan McDonald, 3rd Place Dion Wilson, Xavier Adkins, Jonathan West and Darius King, 2nd Place Kaylee Farr and Jenna Jordan, 1st Place Courtney McAlister and Kitana High; Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Family – Honorable Mention Kaitlyn Hopper and Hunter Hall, 3rd Place Brady Hogue, 2nd Place Jacob Kent and Courtney Bingham, 1st Place John Thomas Gaines and Luke Gaine; 4th through 8th Grade Family – 2nd Place Dante Martin and Devin Martin, 1st Place Emily Cook and Amber Cook.  The Union County District Reading Fair was held Friday with Keragen McCullough and Bennett McCullough both winning 1st Place in their division.  They will advance to the Regional Reading Fair at Lafayette High School on Feb. 28, 2009.  Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations are also in order for the Jr. High and High School boys basketball teams who both won their Union County Tournaments.  The Jr. High boys now advance to play in the Five County Tournament at Northeast Community College.  Their first game will be Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 5:30 p.m.  The High School Hawks and Lady Hawks played at Potts Camp on the 27th and will play at home against Houlka on the 29th and at home against Shaw on the 30th.  Good luck to all teams!

Weekly Wisdom:  “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 1:6