Litterbugs trashing roads throughout Union County

After making major inroads toward a goal of a litter-free New Albany and Union County, the recent rains have washed up trash, particularly on county roads, that either was missed this past summer or has been contributed by inconsiderate motorists during the fall and so far this winter season.

    Fast food hamburger wrappers and take-out sacks, paper drink cups, diapers and various paper products line the ditches on either side of most Union County roads. It is a disgrace and should be an embarrassment to everyone who lives in this county to have visitors drive around what should be admired as one of the most beautiful parts of Northeast Mississippi and discover accumulated trash on both sides of every road.

    The County cannot be criticized or blamed for the litter situation, since we, as residents of Union County, must take responsibility for not only the appearance of our own property, but the property that is public right-of-way along both sides of our county roads. These roads and that property belongs to us and unless our front yards are comparatively littered, then we should take the initiative to stop and clean up the mess our neighbors continue to make.

    Although we have been told that an officer must actually see someone in the act of littering before he or she may enforce the littering law, it makes sense to write down license numbers or identify these litterers to the Sheriff’s office, so they can be watched and maybe then we can get some of these folks to have to pay stiff fines for trashing up our county roads.

    At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt if each county resident teamed up with another concerned county resident and gave the county crews a hand in trying to get some control over the building litter in your areas of the county. There doesn’t have to be an official adoption of a road or street, just the concern and enthusiasm to make a difference in the appearance of Union County. If we will all just pick up the sides of the road we live on, it will help.

    Those of us who do not litter, should be angry with those who do and demonstrate that displeasure by turning them in anytime they are seen contributing to the mess on our county roads. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have them arrested and sentenced to picking up litter on the sides of the road?