NA aldermen races heat up

Three more New Albany citizens have thrown their hats into the ring for local city elections this coming Spring, including one more incumbent, Ward Three Alderman Tommie Beasley, who qualified on Jan. 15 to run for re-election.

Also qualifying for the Ward Three race as a Democrat on Friday, Jan. 23 was Chris Buford of 1245 Martintown Rd.  Larry Dykes of S. Central Ave. also qualified to run as a Democrat in the Ward Three race earlier this month.

Ward Two Alderman Larry Sanford, running for re-election, has one more opponent in the race as of Monday.  Keith Ball of 1250 Martintown Rd. qualified to run as a Democrat.  Johnny Anderson of Bristol Ave. is also running in the Ward Two race.

Other incumbents in the New Albany city government who have qualified to run include New Albany Mayor Tim Kent, Alderman-At Large Dan Skinner, Ward Four Alderman Bill Tucker and Police Chief David Grisham.  Kent will face Betsey Hamilton and Skinner will face Daniel Frain in the Democratic primaries on May 5, while neither Tucker nor Grisham have opponents as of press time.

Election Information

Jan. 2 – Qualifying starts

March 6 – Qualifying deadline

May 2 – voter registration or update deadline for general election

May 5 – party primary elections

May 19 – party run-offs, if needed

June 2 – general election

July 6 – new municipal terms of office begin.