NAMS Bulldog News

I’d like to start off this week by saying a huge congratulation to the students who competed in the National Geographic Bee this year. 90 students in 6-8 grades competed in the preliminary rounds, 27 students competed in a tiebreaker for the last two spots in the final round of 10. The students in the final round were: Mark Robbins, Will Robbins, David Kavistan, Will Golding, Kurt Hickey, Roman Jeter, Jake Broussard, Kristen Olson, Walter Smith, and John Wise. Here are the final places: Kristen Olson, 3rd place, Walter Smith, 2nd place, and John Wise, 1st place. John took a written test and will be notified in March if he’s able to participate in the State Geographic Bee on April 3. He was awarded a medal and a certificate. Again congratulations to those students who participated.

Thanks to the staff for support, especially Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Luna, Mrs. Eaton, and Mrs. Poer for covering classes first and second periods. The rounds were conducted by Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Swords, Mrs. Callicutt, Mrs. Harrison, and Mrs. George. Special guest and former NAMS student Kalista Knox also assisted in rounds and finals.

It’s all about girls around here right now! Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Swords, and Mrs. Pickens all had girls! Thank you Mrs. Martha Hamilton for subbing for Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Gloria Cooper for subbing for Mrs. Pickens!

8th graders took the Explore test on Tuesday. The Explore is a test that tells you how you might do on your ACT your junior or senior year. It was a privilege for us to be able to take it because normally if you want to take it you’d have to pay, but the school board paid for the entire 8th grade to take it!! Thank you so much! It really helped prepare us, I think.

Don’t forget about FCA on Wednesdays at 7:15 in the chorus room!! As most of you know, the Presidential Inauguration was held on Tuesday and now we have a new president. I know that some people are worried about what is to come along with the new president. I just want us to remember that God is in control of everything and that there is a reason that Barack Obama is President of the United States. There is a reason for everything that is to come, and that we don’t need to worry at all. It’s all in God’s hands, and that is very assuring to me. Have a great week!

“You Cant Hide That Bull pup Pride!”