Elected officials should handle bailout funds

A major stumbling block in the way of the passage of a federal “bail-out” plan for our country’s ailing economy are the partisan provisions for expenditures having little or nothing to do with restarting the economy. As with previous measures considered for similar purposes, greed and political ambition make up a lot of the motivation for their proposals and passage.

     As we watch and wait for the national politicians to get through with their posturing and manipulating before they finally pass something that even remotely resembles any kind of measure that will actually have some effect on the economy and the people, we can be certain that there are those on the state, county and local levels in every state who are already plotting and planning to divert as much of the federal bailout monies possible for their own narrowly defined projects without consideration for the economic fate of the general public.

     Information is already out that some of the “shadow organizations” that represent the interest groups who would  divert bailout monies away from the intended problem areas and utilize our tax money to finance favored projects and fill their pockets with fund actually meant to boost the economy. These people and the groups they represent have always been with us, it’s just that now they have managed to gain some legitimacy from a government administration of the past eight years that sponsored such privately oriented groups as opposed to local governments and official boards or commissions elected by public.

     Should this organized extension of private greed be allowed to commandeer the bailout funds which will soon be made available, all the efforts made by local to national government will be scuttled to satisfy the desires of a small group of wealthy and connected people.

     Individual citizens need to contact their state and local representatives and insist that when any federal bailout funds do arrive, the administration of those funds should remain in the hands of the people who have been elected to watch out for our best interests, and not transferred to non-public groups with agendas not in keeping with economic revival and without any responsibility to the voting public. Let’s not let our elected officials hide behind these development organizations, but make them account to us what is being done with out money.