School funding cut manageable with public help

     It is always sad when there is a necessary budget cut, as in the one Governor Haley Barbour proposed this week, that the reduction in money so badly needed by our schools has to be a part. Regardless, however, school funds are included and, once again, our school administrators, teachers and staff will shoulder the burden of educating our children with less money, but with the same expectations from all of us as if their budgets were intact.

    Were you to have ever questioned why some of our school administrators are paid somewhat more than you would like, walk behind them in the months to come as they search for ways to make what monies they have left  cover the expenses required to do the kind of educating job you expect them to do. Ken Basil, superintendent of Union County Schools is facing a $451,000 cut in state funding and understated his dilemma and concern as he observed, “It’s going to be tough.”

    What we can do to help alleviate some of the difficulties facing school boards, administrators, teachers and staffs of  our school districts would be to become informed about the programs that are being considered to be cut or curtailed and generally about what plans are being made to offset this state money budget cut. How do you do that? Attend school board meetings and pay attention to what is said.

    Should you hear that something you support is to be cut in your son or daughter’s school, determine the true details for certain before reacting.  Then make contact with the school and find out what you can do to help either avoid the change or make it easier to accept.

    The schools belong to the taxpayers, to all of us. They are our property and the educations they provide are paid for by the taxpayers, all of us. We must be as supportive of their efforts during budget cut times as we are during times when we are in better financial shape.

    The people who run our schools and teach our children can bring us through lean times, they have done it many times before without damaging your child’s educational opportunities. However, it’s a fact they can do a much better job with a more informed, participative group of parents and taxpayers who want to line up behind our educators and weather the budget cut storm together.