Voter apathy guarantees status quo

     Apathy, when it comes down to really doing something about an undesirable situation, guarantees that the situation will not only not change, but will get worse as that apathy and lack of action gives license for those undesirable activities to continue. Tyrants, bullies and self-serving politicians rely on public apathy to carry them forward on their quest for power, control and personal reward, as they assume various titles and perform various duties, not the least of which are those which provide personal satisfaction and gain.

     Thus we have the “good ‘ole boys” who live, run for office and serve in almost every community, county and state in this great nation. Different names, different faces, but same methods of operation and same disastrous results for the apathetic voters who continue to re-elect them rather that run for the office themselves, support decent, reliable candidates or, in some cases, actually get up enough energy to go vote.

     The reasons these same despicable politicians stay in office and continue to be re-elected, over and over again, can be found by any voter, in their own homes, by just picking up a mirror and there’s the biggest reason,, looking right back at you. That’s not very far to go to find the root of most of our community problems. It’s the face of apathy looking us right in the eye.

     There are those who have the abilities to run for political office and who, if elected, can do the kind of job the voters want and expect, and there are those who serve better in support roles. At this moment in time, New Albany needs both to file for each and every position now open for candidates.

     “Off-the-wall” candidates are not needed. Our city has many problems, but even more opportunities waiting to be addressed by elected officials who are responsive to the needs of the day and to the preferences of the voters in the community. This is the time for those who can serve and those who can support to shake off the apathy that feels so comfortable, and actually take action to place our city in the hands of people who see the opportunities and can actually solve the problems.