NA board names new park director

After discussing the matter in executive session Tuesday evening, the New Albany Board of Aldermen came back into a public meeting and announced the hire of a new Park and Recreation Director.

“We’ve hired Kevin Crawford,” New Albany Mayor Tim Kent announced.  “He has previously worked at the city of Pearl’s Park and Recreation department and received his college degree in Parks and Recreation Management.”

Kent went on to say that Crawford currently serves as a youth minister in Maryland and is looking to move back closer to home and family.

According to the board, Crawford was one of 30 applicants for the job, which had been narrowed down to three persons who were interviewed in December of last year.  The decision to hire Crawford comes approximately three months after the board voted to terminate former Park and Recreation Director, Edgar Capaning, citing managerial issues as a reason for the decision.

During its meeting, the board also approved the removal of a three-way stop sign in the Dean Robbins Subdivision at the intersection of Cherry and Manchester.  Ward Two Aldermen Larry Sanford made the motion, citing residential complaints that the stop sign was more of a traffic hazard than not having a sign there.

“The residents have said that children playing near the streets have the expectation that cars will stop at the sign,” said Sanford.  “Instead,  many cars do not stop and therefore, there might as well not be a sign there.”

Sanford suggested that a “Caution, Children Playing” sign be erected instead.  The board approved the motion.

Sanford also requested that the board approve an application for a mobile home hardship on the Hodges property behind Bumpers.  Sanford said that the trailer would be used to help provide support to two elderly women who are both cancer survivors.  The board approved the motion, based on stipulations that the trailer meets city electrical and water regulations and that the property be reviewed annually.