East Union holds preseason baseball jamboree

Baseball season is reving up, and fans had a first glimpse of their teams over the weekend at East Union’s pre-season jamboree.

With the deduction of games teams are allowed to play in the regular season, many schools choose to hold jamborees, much like you would see in football, as a way for teams to prepare for the regular season.

The Urchins have hosted the day-long event for 2 years, and this year’s teams included Ingomar and West Union.

“It’s good to get out there and play other people,” East Union head coach Chris Basil said. “It’s one thing to practice, but having that opportunity to play against other teams so we can see exactly what it is we need to work on.”

The three teams all had the opportunity to play one another to fine tune before the season starts this weekend.

“We have a lot we still need to work on,” Basil said of the upcoming season. “We’re young and inexperienced and we have a lot to work on.”

East Union and New Albany will be the first teams to play, as the Urchins will travel to Biggersville and the Bulldogs will play in the Booneville Blue Devils’ tournament on Saturday.