Ellistown Breezes

I am not a dedicated football fan, but yes I did watch most of the Super Bowl and certainly “got my money’s worth.”  What a game!  No wonder the headlines on sports page this morning (Monday) read “Holmes sweet Holmes.”  Player Holmes (10) on Pittsburgh Steelers caught the  football in he air, held his feet together, and the ball in his hands until he hit the ground.  HE knew he was very near the line, and also knew he would fall flat on his face if he landed in that position but he chose to land face down which made the final touchdown that won the game for them.  That, to me, shows a dedicated player.  The Arizona Cardinals had the game up until the last few seconds, because they have a runner on their team no one could catch once he got those legs moving.  You see games like that one only once or twice in a lifetime.  Both teams were certainly worthy of the Super Bowl in my unprofessional opinion.

Happy Birthday to Carolyn Grubbs, whose birthday was February 3rd, and to Debbie Randle Wren whose birthday is Monday, February 9th .

I consider February a very important month since former presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were both born this month.  This year on February 12th would have been Former President Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. George Washington’s real birthday is  February 22nd, however, over the years their birthdays, along with other presidents’ birthdays, are celebrated on Monday, which is now called “President’s Day.”  This year it is the 16th. I am so happy children are again learning about American History in schools.  In my opinion, when it was taken out of the schools, along with God, is when we produced this “grab-it and growl society” which is now choking our country.

Get well wishes to Belinda Martin and Pat Chism, sister’s to Betty Harper, who is a member of our Sunday School Class.  Our Class was happy to welcome Imogene Priest back after her sinus surgery.  Also Opal Speck who said she has been sick.

Happy Anniversary to Houston and Sue Pannell who celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary, February 4th.  May you have many more.  I have heard Sue tell about their courting days.  Sixty-five years ago was quite different from today.  They were married when WWII was in full swing, 1944.  Houston is a Veteran of that war which placed them in Tom Brokow’s “Greatest Generation.”  She has told me about how far they walked for school, Church and dates.  Everybody walked back then because few people had cars.  Many things were rationed and we school kids would gather up scrap steel for trucks to pick up to use in the war.  I remember the good feeling it gave you.  We thought we were really helping with the war. We were, because things were getting serious before the war ended in 1945.

Also, February is the month when our mind is turned inward to the heart.  Ellistown Youth will have a Valentine Banquet, Saturday, February 14, at 6:00 P.M. in the Fellowship Hall.

Oh! This sounds like fun.  The Children’s Committee will host a Valentine Cookie Decorating party Wednesday, February 115h, beginning at 7:00 P.M. Children will be grouped at tables by Mission Teachers and may return to their mission classes when completed with their project.  They invite children to come and decorate your favorite Valentine a special treat.

I was sorry to learn that my sister-in-law, Maxine McCraw Bowman, has cancer of the pancreas.  Another sister-in-law, Carolyn McCraw, called me as she had just heard the news from Maxine’s only living brother, Doug McCraw.  Maxine’s husband, George is not well and they would appreciate your prayers.

Deepest sympathy to Cotton Rakestraw’s family.  I met him when Hulon Rakestraw was ill. Pam, I know you and other members of the family will greatly miss him.  You are in my prayers.

Patsy brought her grandchildren over last Saturday.  It was a whirlwind trip for them as they had to wait on Sarah’s cheerleading to take place in Arkansas.  They arrived about 4:30 P.M., and had called ahead that the girls wanted to immediately go shopping for school clothes in Tupelo. Caroline (9) is growing so fast they have to shop a lot to keep her in clothes.  Sarah (6) who doesn’t’ seem to be growing as fast now also gets in on the new clothes too.  After shopping a while, we paused for something to drink and, of course, the girls wanted to ride the Merry-Go-Round.  Aunt Merrill always rides with them.  After shopping some more and saying goodbye to Aunt Merrill, we headed home.  On the way Patsy called Hugh and Cristie to be sure it wasn’t too late for us to go by and see Maggie.  The girls’ played with Maggie and gave her their Valentine present since they will be in Disney World on Valentine’s Day.  While visiting, Hugh informed us that he was committed to earl Church Service in February as he helps with the sound system.  The girls wanted to make the 8:30 A.M. service so they could visit with Maggie some more, so we made the early service and while I was in Sunday School the girls went to see their grandmother, Isabelle Scott, in Sherman.  After Sunday School we all met to go eat together before some of them went to visit Merrill’s Mother, Kathleen “Cat” McNutt, who is now residing at The Trace.

Ms. Cat is 95, and she get up, puts Sarah in her wheelchair, and pushes her around the place. Of course, Sarah was delighted.  Caroline carried herself sitting in the walker/chair with rollers.  They asked Caroling to play something ont eh piano and she promised she would on her next visit.

After our visit we returned to my house and they helped me package Valentine goodies I had purchased for the family.  I did not know they would not be back before Valentine’s Day so  I had not packaged them.  They left with luggage and Valenitne packages and were going to stop in Horn Lake to visit Buddy and Cindy to leave some of hem, as well as a couple of birthday packages for Garren and Stephen Hunter. Patsy called me about 6 :00 P.M. and said we are over the bridge (Mississippi River) and almost home.