Union Co. school board discuss band program

While it did not make a decision regarding the hire of a new band director or beginning a band program this year or next, the Union County School board did entertain a presentation from a retired band director regarding the subject last week.

Robert Plunkett, a retired band director from Northeast Community College, presented a proposal to the board regarding what would need to be done regarding beginning such a program.

“There’s a procedure you need to go through that’s involved in picking the instruments,” Plunket told the board.  “If you hired me, I would choose five instruments for students to start out on in the first year.  I would then go to each of the four schools and start meeting with interested students this spring.”

Plunkett told the board the goal for these meetings would be to let the students try out each of the instruments to determine which would best fit them.

“Not every student will be able to play every instrument,” Plunkett said.  “There are a lot of factors that go into it.”

Plunkett went on to tell the board that he would want to meet with the parents also and discuss beginning the program in the fall.  He went on to say that the best grades to start a program with would be the 5th and 6th grades.

The board made no decision regarding his proposal.