Charity needs greater during poor economy

   One of the really bad effects of an economy experiencing a downturn such as the one we are in today, are the choices many people have to make with their money. Unfortunately, in order to survive, lots of people who are good stewards of their churches and charity in general, cease to make contributions, though their concern for others has not ceased.

     The really worthy causes charitable organizations attempt to address have not disappeared just because the economy has gotten bad, just the contrary, in many cases the problems and needs have increased. It is only the donations that make helping others possible have disappeared to a large degree.

     As each citizen of Union County realigns his or her budget to better accommodate an ever changing economy, the right thing to do is continue to set aside a few dollars to share with those who were less fortunate before and who remains the same today.

     As layoffs occur involving young and old alike, many of whom have never faced unemployment, it can seem like the end of the world to those affected. It is with our gifts of money or food that can make a major difference in the physical and mental survival of our neighbors.

     With the unselfish assistance of the people of Union County, our neighbors will weather this economic storm much better than those elsewhere. We are incapable of sharing with everyone, on every front, but we can make sure that those with whom we have living and worked over the years, continue to belong to the Union County family.

     Should you want to continue your unselfish contributions to help others or want to begin, a good place to start would be to call the folks at the United Way of Northeast  or any of the many local churches in the area, where you will find information to direct you to the organizations  who need your help now.

     Every thoughtful gift of money or food will make a difference, if not immediately, but if only to help charitable organizations hold out as long as they can while the times continue to change for all of us. Stimulus and bailout packages from the federal government will take a very long time to reach individuals in Union County, so it is up to us to take care of our own.