Former N. A. resident debuts her first album Divine Favor

Former New Albany resident Michele Mundy recently produced, wrote and performed her debut album Divine Favor. The 34-year-old has been interested in music almost her whole life.

“Music has always been a part of me. At the age of four, my mom noticed my singing voice,” said Mundy.

She started singing with the Watson Grove Baptist Church Choir at age 12, sung her first solo at age 13 and wrote her first song at age 15.

 “The death of my father is what inspired me to write and produce this CD, Divine Favor. He was in the hospital bed and he was non-responsive, so I went outside to pray and when I came back in the room I sang the song, ‘Alright’ for him and he ended up living for five more weeks, said Mundy.

Mundy said that her songs are everyday songs and songs of inspiration and encouragement. The album’s title Divine Favor was chosen because she believes that God has used her as a favor to open doors to teach more people about God.

She attended W. P. Daniel High School in New Albany and her teacher Mrs. Harmon was a great music influence on her.

Mundy was also in the professional community choir, ‘Voices from the land of the hanging grapes’ from Pontotoc with Mr. Walter Zinn as the director.

Mundy is the daughter of Belva Simmons (Mundy) and Roger Mundy, Jr. and her step-father is William Simmons. The Simmons’ attend the First Non-Denominational Church in New Albany.

William Simmons said, “I am so proud of her.”

All songs were written, produced, and performed by Mundy. She got her CD recorded at DaLeague Studios in Oxford, Miss.

 May 30, 2009 is the official release of her album Divine Favor in the stores. On that day, she will be giving a free concert at Peter’s Rock Temple Church of God in Christ Church at 5 p.m. in Starkville, Miss. Her album can be found on digstation, cdbaby and myspace Web sites.