NAMS opens new weight room/locker room

New Albany Middle School recently held an open house to showcase their new band hall and boys locker room and weight room.

Started in 2007, NAMS drew initial plans to expand the locker room and weight room due to the growth of the football program.

“We’ve averaged about 100 kids the past two to three years,” NAMS football coach Buddy Hall said. “We applied for a grant, which said we would receive if we expanded on an existing building.”

With the grant, the old dressing room is now the weight room and the athletes now have a separate dressing room. This is a huge difference, as the athletes were accustomed to dressing and lifting in the same room.

“It’s fantastic space wise,” Hall said. “We’re no longer on top of each other and we’re able to dress in one facility while lifting in another.”

Hall also said that the number of weight lifting stations has increased from 10 to 24, allowing more lifting time for each athlete.

“We’ve gone from having four to five kids at one station to maybe two or three in one group,” Hall said.

Also available in the new weight room is a batting cage, which will help when weather permits the baseball team from practicing outdoors.

“We have a portable bat cage in the middle of the weight room, so we can have an indoor facility, which we’ve never had before,” Hall explained. “This is a big deal and will benefit all sports at the middle school.”