Etta News

Its about time for the Pinedale school bells to be ringing calling all former students and teachers back to the assembly line for active duty in the building under the leadership of the same supt. and principal for years.  They have a done a good job without the worry of who is going to be our leaders one more time.  The occasion for the reunion will be MAY 16th in the afternoon.  If you every went to school or taught there mark your calendar Pinedale School reunion Saturday, May 16th at the fellowship hall at Salem Church.  Doors open at 1 o’clock.  A meal about 4:30 or 5 o’clock.  Be there if your parents who went to school there are gone, come on out and represent them and be a good student in their place.  I’m sure Eura Faye and Gerald will do a good job one more time without any opposition.  We are all climbing the ladder and a bunch have already reached the top and gone on.  Who will be next we don’t know.

 Shelby visited a while Saturday,  with Curtis and Laverne Burchfield.  He is not doing well at all these days.  Their son, Dean and grandson, John were their with them.  Went back to doctor one day last week and will go back one day this week.  Hope he will get a better report from this appointment.

 The ladies of Salem had good fellowship Saturday morning when they met giving Penny Morrison a shower.  She received many gifts she will use when the baby arrives.

 Tom and Shelby was glad to get the pictures of Libby and Nate Gordon, the children of our former pastor  and his wife.  She received them on the computer.  Libby sure has grown a lit since Shelby kept her when she was a baby and the mother was working in Tupelo then.

 The rain and wind we got Sunday afternoon came blowing through in a hurry giving the vegetation another good drink of water.

 Tom, Shelby and granddaughter, Morgan attended church with relatives at their church, Green Valley Baptist in Pontotoc Sunday.

 Glad Norma Jean Wallace is about over the pneumonia she had recently.  Maybe she will be O.K. now.

 The lawns have already been visited with the mower as the grass had really been growing around here.  It looked so pretty with our yards freshly cut,  that time of the year again.

 You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know when it will be too late.