West Union captures archery championship

In their first season with an archery program, West Union captured the North Half Championship last Saturday at Lewisburg High School.

The Eagles took the championship with a score of 2815, followed by county rival East Union, with a score of 2739. With archery still a new program in the state, the best a team can currently do is win the north or south state title. Eagle head coach Kevin Meeks credits the desire of his kids in the win.

“I wish I could say I did it, but it’s the kids,” Meeks said. “It meant a lot for me to see them win because they worked so hard and they’re so competitive with each other and want to beat each other so bad. I think their desire contributed more than anything. They wanted to win.”

East Union and West Union competed against Lewisburg and South Panola for the title this year.

Below are the results, with the top 15 archers being recognized at the competition.

For the state champion Eagles: Tiffany Turner 253, Brandon Rhea 248, Katie Jenkins 242, Thad Moody 240, Alison Carroll 239, Taylor Robbins 238, Chris Bishop 235, Dayton Cooper 235, Justin Ash 233, Dustin Daniel 223, Paul Clifton 217, and Noel Long 212.

Also competing were Tim Stevens 205, Hunter Kelly 203 and Jessica Clark  195.

Top 15 honorees for the Eagles included: Girls 1st Tiffany Turner, 4th Katie Jenkins, 5th Alison Carroll, 6th Taylor Robbins and 14th Noel Long.

For the boys: 5th Brandon Rhea, 8th Thad Moody, 11th     Chris Bishop, 12th Dayton Cooper and 15th Justin Ash.

Results for the Urchins were: Nicky Greszler 252, Meagan Mitchell     247, David Smith 242, Tanner Letson 240, David Blackard 236, Taylor Roberts 234, Blake Farrar 234, Devon Fears     225, Jamie Wilhite 221, Faith Graham 215, Josh Steele 213, and Marigrace Wilhite 180.

Others competing for East Union were: Zachary Randall 206, Nathan Reed 206, Hunter Wigington 195, David Wittkamp 194,  Zac Hutcheson 181,  Ashley Patterson 170 and Christa Dunaway 154.

Top 15 finalists for East Union included: 2nd Meagan Mitchell and 11th Faith Graham for the girls, and  4th Nicky Greszler,  7th David Smith, 9th Tanner Letson, 11th David Blackard, 13th Blake Farrar and 14th Taylor Roberts on the boys side.

Although the two are fierce rivals, the Urchins and Eagles have learned from each other and have created a close bond through the sport.

“Trey (Humphries) has already done this for two years, and he’s really helped me out as far as preparing and getting your team together,” Meeks said of East Union’s coach. “We have a good camaradrie, where I help him out as much as I can, and he helps me out. He’s helped me tremendously, and now it’s overflowed to the kids.”

The two teams saw their goal become a reality, as they were able to finish in the top two spots in the competition.

 “We hoped we would come back one and two,” Meeks said. “Of course every one wanted to win, but we were happy to be able to finish one and two.”