Ellistown Breezes

It is definitely Springtime again in Mississippi.  Even though Sunday I came out of church the sky looked like it might snow, the many trees in bloom signal Spring.  Dogwood blooms are trying their best to get past this cool spell and blossom out to their prettiest and whitest, and look so beautiful mixed with the tender green leaves which have suddenly come on the scene.  Each year is a new thrill to the heart to see  everything coming to life again.

Deepest sympathy to Charles and Debra Tate in the death of her son who lived in Arkansas.

Ellistown School buses rolled again last week after their Spring Break and I am sure everyone was anxious to get back to school. Marion, Arkansas schools were a week later with their Spring Break and I was able to enjoy Caroline and Sara Beth for a few days. Patsy brought them over Wednesday morning and they had their schedule of things they wanted to do. Rain revised some of their plans, so instead of going on a picnic Wednesday we had to go shopping instead, so we shopped at the mall at Tupelo.  Thursday morning Patsy and the girls kept Maggie while Cristie kept an appointment. Cristie dropped her boys off at school and stopped on her way back so she had coffee and conversation before her appointment.

Margaret should have gone to Senior Adults and had planned to except it isn’t often she can enjoy the girls and Patsy taking care of the baby, so she decided to stay put.  Upon Cristie’s return, I served sandwiches to everyone for lunch and we all enjoyed spending time together.  Then we went to see the Historical Museum at New Albany.  If you have not seen it, please go through it and you will discover many items of interest to you as we did.  Afterwards, we were determined to see the “Park Along The River” and drove through to find the playground with water standing because it had rained again.  We then drove down to see the engraved brick with Veterans names at the flagpole. However, when we reached the end of the drive, again we found the ground too soggy to walk on to the flagpole.  The girls do want to come back in dry weather and cover our trial again.

It was getting late in the afternoon when Merrill Scott called Patsy and she told her we would meet her at her mother’s who lives at Traceway.  We did, and had a good visit with “Miss Kat.”  She seemed very chipper and said she was feeling fine.  Of course, since we were in downtown Tupelo we thought we might as well look at a few more stores, after which the girls decided they wanted pizza for supper so we headed to the pizza place and enjoyed pizza, even their dessert pizza before heading home.

Friday morning came all too soon and they headed home by way of their great-grandmother, Isabelle Scott’s, home in Sherman to visit with her before heading for Arkansas.  I had an appointment at 1 p.m. and when I returned home I had a message from them that they had missed their grandmother Scott but were over the bridge in Arkansas.  The house certainly seems quiet after a couple of days listening to “Hannah Montana” in the background and voices or the clicking of games being played.  When riding, they listened to Taylor Swift’s music and would sing along with her never missing a word.

Saturday, I studied my Sunday School lesson and kept thinking about my sister Katie, so I called in the late afternoon and asked how the weather was in Alabama.  She answered that she didn’t know because they had just walked in the house from a trip to Mississippi.  She and her two daughters had come over Friday, spent the night with her late husband’s niece, and attended the Littlejohn Reunion Saturday.  I can’t print what I said to her, but she replied that they had come by my house Friday and I was not there. I reminded her they could have called and at least left a message.  After all, we saw each other for a couple of hours last December and that is more than she saw  the others, so maybe I am a little selfish.

It was good to have Ruth Duggar in Sunday School this week as she has been sick with the “crud” that is so hard to shake.  She squealed on her daughter Susan in church so we all sang Happy Birthday to Susan last Sunday.

Ruth also told us that Jo Nell Coker is still in the hospital and is not doing very well at present.

I just talked with Carolyn Roberts and she tells me her son Gary is not doing well. He is in pain most of the time. She said he is to take more radiation treatments.

We had a good day in Church Sunday.  Aileene Roberts furnished special music for the early service and Christy Davis did a wonderful job singing for the second service. Brother Mike brought a good message from Revelation Chapter 19. Our choir is practicing overtime for the Easter Cantata which they will perform at the 10:30 a.m. hour Easter Sunday: “In The Presence Of Jehovah.”

Patsy called me Sunday afternoon and told me about Gwendy’s beauty review at Hernando High School. There were 29 contestants.  They chose a winner and six girls for her court.  Gwendy did not place. However, Tommy and Rose Vinson’s granddaughter, by their son Barry, did place among the six beauties. I believe Patsy said her name is Nicole.  The fact that Barry and his wife have a girl old enough for high school reminds me of just how fast time is slipping away.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the next Saturday I plan on having the family for a meal and an Egg Hunt.  This year is moving on.