Ellistown Breezes

“Let the whole earth praise the Lord.”  I do believe this is what is happening here in Ellistown.  The trees and flowers are getting prettier each day and wildlife is venturing out to taste the new buds of Spring.  Yesterday, I watched two squirrels hang upside down while eating the tender new buds.  I consider myself a country girl, however, I had never seen them hang by their back feet to reach the food from shaky small limbs.  That is when I wished for a high speed camera to get the picture of the year.

I visited Jo Nell Coker in the hospital at Tupelo last week.  She is such an amazing person in that she seemed cheerful and was telling me about her “train conductor’s cap” she wears sometimes, since losing her hair to chemo.  She was sporting a yellow cap while I was there and kept us laughing.  While typing this Monday morning, I received a phone call on our prayer line that Jo Nell is very sick.  Also, that Buple Childress became ill at church and was taken home.

Lynda Mae Bishop and daughter Lacretia Wilkison, and granddaughter Carrie Wilkinson, spent last week in Florida and arrived home on Saturday.

Mildred Roberts recently fell and injured a vertebrae in her back.

Deepest sympathy again to Charles and Debra Tate in the loss of Debra’s mother who raised her.  I understand they had just returned home from Arkansas after the death of her son and, of course, had to return to Arkansas.  Let us remember them in our prayers.

My sinuses seemed non-stoppable last Sunday morning and I called our assistant teacher Peggy Humphreys to teach Sunday School for me, and I appreciated it very much.  Carolyn Roberts told me there was a total of eleven present.

Our church is having a Sunrise Easter Service at 7 a.m. on April 12th.  Breakfast will follow the service and there will be no Sunday School.  Our Adult Choir will present their Cantata, “In the presence of Jehovah” at 10:30 a.m.

Since I missed church last Sunday, I noticed in the bulletin that I not only missed a good sermon but I missed Brother Dexter Griggs’ solo at the early service plus Ken and June Briggs at the second service.  I also noticed over fifty prayer requests listed in the bulletin.