Etta News

With the coming of spring is the return of the little hummingbirds, my little entertainers, who have also come back to give me something to do by watching them come and go around their feeders for their nourishment for another season.  It’s amusing how they go to some other location for the winter months, then comes Spring and here they are.  They are busy little bodies flipping to and fro from the feeders.  I have a good pastime watching them when I am not busy at something else.  They were created with that instinct to take care of themselves.  They know when to leave and when to come back.  They do a better job in life than some people who just drift along and not doing what they were created to do “just getting by.”

After the stormy weather of Friday morning, the afternoon turned out to be a better feeling time than when all the tornado watches were broadcast giving people information about the conditions.  They were giving tips on what to do in case one was spotted in the area.  That is all they can do because they can’t control the weather, yet they are doing a good job as the condition exists. They are performing their duties.

Easter Sunday has come and gone for this year. It ended up being a rainy day after the time for the children’s egg hunts were over. However, some might have enjoyed the occasion on Saturday afternoon at Salem when they got together for a time of fellowship and looking for those pretty colored eggs for their enjoyment of finding them.  An occasion for them to remember as they grow up and are looking back over the childhood days.

Get well wishes go out to Norma Jean Wallace who is not feeling well.  Hope she will recover quickly.  A telephone conversation with Reba Matkins Bennett one day recently was enjoyed. She was seriously ill for a while.  She said she was improving and could walk some with her walker.  That is good news.

Morgan Bishop enjoyed playing with her kite Sunday evening when the wind was blowing briskly, watching it go up in the breeze as the wind tossed it about.

Some of the churches in the community had sunrise services.  That meant getting up and out earlier and enjoying the early fellowship together with a good message for the occasion.  The charge sunrise was held at Union Hill with breakfast following.  Maundy Thursday service was at Friendship and Good Friday service was at Union Hill with a meal following.

Tom and Shelby went to Fulton after the 11 o’clock hour at Salem to visit the cemetery with flowers for relative’s graves. On their way back home they stopped in Mantatchie to visit with an aunt and her sister Emma came in also.  They all enjoyed cake and coffee before returning home.  There was regular services at Salem following the sunrise service at Union Hill.

The children of Dorothy Bateman’s family always got together and went to Memphis to their Aunt Doris for a get together at the park.  But for different reasons, they did not make it this Easter and it was for the first time missed in many many years.  Some circumstances beyond their control prevented it this time.  Bonnie and Allen Richard and two grandsons, Cameron and Bailey, came from Louisiana for the weekend as always.  Saturday night they were with Donna and Thomas.  Thomas did most of the cooking or I should say grilling.  They had around 50 there.  Sunday lunch after church they went to Jane’s and Mikes for a delicious meal of hot dogs and all the fixings.  Approximately 20 something there.  When they went to Doris’s they always had hot dogs, so the tradition went on except not in Memphis.

Kinsley Wall had her 3rd birthday party Saturday.  She is the granddaughter of Tommy and Debbie Bishop and the niece of Morgan.  Debbie and Morgan enjoyed the party and watching Kinsley with all the gifts.  May she have many more birthdays.