Macedonia news

Melissa Williams’ mother, Ann Hardesty of Burnsville, MS died Saturday morning, March 21, 2009. Visitation was Sunday night from 5 to 9.  The bus went from Macedonia Sunday night.  The funeral was Monday morning at 10:00. Our sympathy goes out to Melissa and all the children.  Ann spent a lot of time with the Williams family and the children, especially, were very fond of her.

When Ann visited on a  Sunday, she came into our SS Class. (Sybil Farr’s Class). We, each one, got to know and love Ann.  She was a special lady.  She came on March 15 and told us she would be back in April.

There was no service on Sunday night, but Monday night will go on as planned.

Malcolm worked outside almost all day Saturday.  He pulled up all the turnips, then he disked the garden and then he delivered some of those turnips.

Saturday night after supper, he lost his wedding ring and has no idea where he lost it!  He has had that ring had for a long time, a little more than 58 years!

Twanda Black and her brother Franklin Bryant went to see her other brother David Bryant. Franklin’s son joined them there.

All of them came to Twanda’s house on Friday.  Her children came over to see Franklin and his son. Then the men went back to David’s on Saturday.

Carolyn and Tom Freiday are some better but still have a way to go and still need your prayers.  Tommy has gone back to work.

Shelia Parker was in Oxford hospital Thursday for some routine tests.  Everything turned out alright.

I see redbirds, sparrows, doves, jay birds, a towhee, a woodpecker and a squirrel outside my window this morning.  Squirrels and birds have the feeders on the big oak tree.

We have been having a night visitor at the feeder by the house.  Every night about 10:30 or 11:00, a great big coon come, digs under the feeder by the house and eats. Turning on the inside lights doesn’t scare him, but if you open the back door the dogs come, and that scares him! Boy, they can run!

Sunday, March 23, the bridal shower will be at 2 p.m. for Lauren Newby, daughter of Sandy Newby and Alan Newby was very nice. She got so many beautiful things; mostly pottery (a whole set), Christmas pottery extras, like side dishes and candy dishes, a pottery canister set, (just lovely), pillows, towels and linens. The biggest eye catcher to me was a pottery Santa Claus; it was just so beautiful!

Jimmy Shirley’s Sunday School Class was in charge of the shower.  So many of our young ladies are in that class that they have a wealth of decorating talent so the room was beautifully decorated. Pots of yellow and orange mums were on each table, small ones about three to a table.  There were sitting in the middle of a brown cloth topped with a braid trimmed gold cloth and these were slightly crunched up around the posts. Spectacular! This color scheme continued and without the ladies even asking, Lauren wore a beautiful brown dress which the orange corsage complimented.

Food for every taste was spread on the table: dips, crackers, cheese rings, spinach dip with bread, fresh fruit, apples, grapes, strawberries, pineapple with dip and fresh vegetables, a beautiful cake, and to drink, punch, tea and ice water. There was a large crowd present for the shower.

Brother Tommy Peters was in charge of services Sunday.

The Adult Choir sang a special and did a very good job.  The Praise Team did real good even though Melissa Williams and Angela Churchill were absent. (I don’t know if Angela was sick.  She has missed some lately, was sick and in the hospital).

April Robbins sang the special music in First church.

Brother Tommy’s message “The Reality of Thirst” was based on Isaiah 44:1-5, with Philippians 4-14 used. Very good sermon!  I thought it unusual. Brother Tommy had printed the programs before Mrs. Hardesty died.  Brother Louie had planned on preaching from Isaiah 41:10!

Evening Services were canceled.

Marvelous Monday of our March Revival Services with Dr. Danny Lanier; Evangelist, Meridian, MS was held March 23.

Our last “Marvelous Monday” to be held at the church will be March 30 with Dr. Kara Blackard; Senior Pastor, Wheeler Grove Baptist church.

Of course you can continue Marvelous Mondays in your home or in your heart and it is hoped you will.

And you are welcome at Macedonia Baptist every Sunday.