Macedonia news

 The 4th Annual Macedonia Community Yard Sale will be on Saturday, May 9th at 7 a.m.  Take Hwy. 349. There will be sales on and off of the highway.

The wedding Saturday night was just beautiful! Lauren Newby was a very lovely bride with an equally handsome groom, Chase Jeter. Lauren is the daughter of Sandy G. Newby and Alan Newby. Grandparents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen Garrison and Mr. and Mrs. Reece Newby. Chase is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Jeter.  His grandparents are Mrs. And Mrs. Gilbert Koon, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jeter, deceased.

The reception following held in the Family Life was equally impressive; they had delicious food and it was beautifully decorated. And then they left in a long limousine!!

Angela Shirley finished overseeing the reception for Lauren’s wedding Saturday night, but then was sick afterwards. Jimmy took her to the doctor after Sunday School. She has strep throat.

James Knighton was able to come to church Sunday.  He is wearing a back brace and still has a way to go, but he is up and going!

Carolyn Freiday sent Tifany, Cyndi’s daughter, some of the cutest little dresses she had made for Tiffany’s baby. Cyndi had commented that all the clothes were too big for the baby so Carolyn started sewing!  These should fit – they look like doll clothes!

She also sent 12 pairs of shoes, mostly ones she had bought at yard sales. The baby is good for a year or two! But the prettiest thing she made was a wreath of silk flowers for my door!

Sunday was a very good day!

The Adult Choir sang a  beautiful song. Then the Praise Team did a good job. But Brother Louie really had a very good message, taken from Matthew 26:36-42 “Thy Will Be Done.” The main purpose of God: Redeem Mankind!!

Mitchell and Debbie Jumper joined by letter, Timothy Stevens, son of Jerry and Terry Stevens, Hailey Adsit, daughter of Todd and Angel Parker, and Cole Forester, all by Baptism. Good day!!

Sunday, May 10 – Mother’s Day there will be no evening services. Monday, May 11, 6:30 P.M. WOMII Meeting will be in Angela Shirley’s home.

After church, Sunday Shirley and James Shirley and Pud and Billy Garrison met Beatrice Rhea and her family at 11 a.m. at Taylor’s.  They all enjoyed it.

After lunch Shirley and James Shirley went to Hillcrest Baptist Church where Kellie McClelland and Emily Canoy were each playing in a piano recital.  Shirley said they were good.

Deacon of the week   –  Larry McQuary

Nice Surprise!  Gale and Tommy Ann Goode came by for a visit.  They have retired and are living in Potts Camp with her mother, Mrs. Stone, but are building a house on Broadway (Gale’s old home place). Malcolm showed Tommy some brick and I think she made up her mind.  

We sure enjoyed the visit and catching up on old times.