Macedonia news

 Nancy Rhea’s mother, Mrs. Gladys White, died Thursday late afternoon at the hospital in Water Valley. Visitation was Saturday night from 5 to 7 p.m. Funeral services were Sunday at 3 p.m.

Malcolm and I went to visitation Saturday night.  

We went to first church Sunday morning but not to Sunday School.

Shirley prepared lunch for us; hamburgers, BBQ’d chicken, creamed potatoes, corn on the cobb, green beans, peas, and rolls with lemon cake and red velvet cake for dessert. It was very good!

Then we rode to the funeral with James and Shirley and Angela Shirley. It was a very nice funeral. Two of Mrs. White’s nephews sang, her grandsons were the pallbearers and the Reverend C.H. Newcomb conducted the service.

Hailey and James Michael Mattox were going home Saturday night, and got hit by deer! It didn’t’ hurt either of them but the door on the driver’s side won’t open and the headlights are just hanging. It had to be more than one deer! They had planned to go to the funeral but because of the accident, they couldn’t.

Monday morning Nancy had to begin Jury Duty in New Albany.

Brother Louie was rested up, I guess, and gave us a really good sermon Sunday morning. His text was Luke 5:22-23, with help from Hebrews, Mark, Matthew and I Peter 4:22. We all have issues but the greatest issue of mankind is sin! And Jesus is the answer!

Linda Swearingen did a beautiful job singing the Special. Praise Group with Stephen’s solo was good too! Stephen filled in for Terry who was at the breakfast in the Family Life Center for the graduates and their parents. Carrie Foley was one of the graduates.

It was a good service!

Sanctuary Flowers were in honor of West Union Baseball Team – Division Champions and North Half Champions.

Coach Ashley Russell  –  Division Baseball Coach of the year.

Coach Jamey Wright – Division Cross Country coach of the year.

Pud Garrison went over to Bonnie Davis house Sunday afternoon.  She spent the evening with Bonnie and her husband.  Pud says they have a lovely place.

Sunday, May 24 morning services will be as usual and choirs will meet as scheduled.

At 6 p.m. there will be a Missionary Commissioning Service and Baptism. There will be a church-wide social at 7:15 p.m.

Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 21 was the last day of school!  Summer is really here!

Happy Birthday this month, late for some!  Blake Work, May 1, Miriam Aycock, May 2, Jimmy Moody, May 5, Jay Shirley, May 11, Pam McCltchy, May 13, James Michael Maddox, May 14, Patsy Grisham, May 17, Cindy Hester, May 19, Mary Hester, May 29, and Tommy and Terry Freiday, May 31.