Macedonia news

 Well, if all goes well on this Tuesday visit to the Foot Clinic, my visits will be cut to every two weeks, not every week. Wish me well!

Twanda Black came by one day for a visit. I really enjoy her visits!  She had brought a beautiful plant for Nancy Rhea because of her mother’s death.

Pat Moody went to the doctor Friday.  They are still trying to find something she can take or do for the excessive swelling of her feet.  She has pain from her feet! She didn’t have much luck this visit either!

Robert Parker and Ray Shirley went on down to Hurricane Landing to set up camp and catch some fish for the Brotherhood Fish Fry on May 29.  They caught 21 the first day after they put the lines out, but had six people for supper that night so lots of those fish are gone.

Tuesday the Parker family is planning on going down for a picnic.  They will have a picnic plus a few guests that night.

The weather hasn’t been real good but they both have campers so they made it fine. Dee Dee has been staying with Robert as well as Robert’s brother and nephew.

I think Jay Shirley is with his granddaddy Ray.

Malcolm and I have been a little puny this week. Malcolm went two weeks ago for sinus medicine and it has helped.  He goes back for a check-up on May 26. I am going with him. I also have to go to Tupelo for my foot.

Belinda cooked supper for James Michael Mattox Saturday night as we let his birthday slip up on us. It was May 14. Belinda had a most delicious supper: steak, baked potato, green salad, two kinds of bread, and chocolate fudge pie.  Afterwards, we played “Phase 10” and Belinda won.

Twanda Black had all her family over to her house for dinner Saturday night.  I think Marissa and her family were here.  They had a real good time.  The men really liked her new dining room.  They can be uninterrupted down there.

I got up Sunday morning planning to go to church but just didn’t feel like it! Malcolm went on to Sunday School (I was supposed to go back to bed, but didn’t) and came back to check on me afterwards.

I heard that Brother Louie’s message Sunday morning was very good and that the singing was exceptional.  We are glad to have Ginger Harrell back, and in good form, on the piano.

The Sunday night services were very interesting.  All the people going on the Philippines Mission trip were commissioned and presented.  The trip was discussed and prayed about. Then Baptismal service was held for Billy Ferguson.  He is the husband of Pam Brock Ferguson. We welcome him to our fellowship.  Afterwards a delicious hamburger/hot dog supper was served. Jimmy Shirley, Jesse Brewer and Jake Douglass did the grilling.  The ladies brought the desserts.

Sanctuary flowers were in memory of Jim Black and Matthew Elkins, placed by the family.

Friday, May 29 at 6:30 p.m. the annual Brotherhood Fish Fry will be at Hurricane Landing. Boys are invited too.

On May 31 the  Sunday services will be as usual.

The WOMI Meeting will be at Marta Owen’s house on Monday, June 1 at 6:30 P.M.

The Senior Adult meeting will be at 10:30 A.M. on Wednesday, June 3 in the Fellowship Hall.