Bulldogs’ camp excites youth about football

With many summer leagues and activities taking place,  Ron Price and his staff at NAHS continued their tradition, as they held a youth football camp at the high school.

Started three years ago by former head coach Bubba Davis, the week-long event is designed to teach the very basics of the game, while getting the youth in New Albany interested in playing.

“We’re just trying to teach as many fundamentals as we can while trying to get our young kids interested in football,” Price said. “We’re trying to get them excited about the game and teaching them things they don’t know. It’s kind of funny, they’ve entertained us more than we’ve entertained them.”

From stances and positions to how to throw a football, Price and his staff are covering all the basics. Also on the agenda, a competition to give the kids something to work toward all week.

“Today is our competition day, so we’re having a punt, pass and kick competition,” Price explained. “On Friday we’ll give out awards to the best in each age group, so it’s something to keep the kids excited throughout the week.”

The camp is set up for grades kindergarten through seventh grade, and with 41 participating this year, Price said they will take any kid that’s interested in learning the game.

“We say kindergarten through seventh grade, but we’ll take any kid that’s interested,” Price said. “We’ve had some that have been Pre-K before, but anyone that’s interested, we haven’t turned away, and we don’t plan on doing that, so we’ll take all ages.”

Price hopes that the kids learn a lot through the camp, and maybe he is looking at some future Bulldogs in the making.

“I hope we get them excited about football,” Price said. “There are so many programs the kids can get involved in at an early age with soccer, baseball, golf and the different sports. If we can just get them thinking about football and excited about football, hopefully down the line when they get to middle school and high school, they’ll definitely want to play football for New Albany.”