Cheerleader facility needed

 The decision by the New Albany School Board to go ahead with plans to build a practice facility for high school cheerleaders is a win-win situation for the city’s high school and for district taxpayers.

Under the plan, New Albany High School Cheerleading Coach Beth Muncie will spearhead an effort to raise $85,000 in the community to pay for the building, which then would be donated to the school district. No taxpayer money is expected to be used to construct it.

Muncie told the school board this week that a practice facility is needed if New Albany High School is to move from its current level to the state championship level of cheerleader competition.

Cheerleading has changed much over the years and has become a competitive activity that involves tumbling and athleticism, rather than just shaking a pom-pom and leading a cheer.

The building concept, which was designed by Ben Kitchens, a New Albany graduate who is an architect in Jackson, is a modest one of about 80 feet by 54 feet and includes uniform storage and changing areas, a restroom and  practice area capable of handling the same number of mats – nine – as used in competition.

It also will have a spring floor, which will reduce the chance of injury by improving the safety level for practice.

The building will be located on the north edge of the high school campus, near the football stadium.

We commend community members who have pushed for this facility and we hope the drive to get $85,000 in donations will be successful.