More news, new features

 Looks a little different, doesn’t it? It was time for a change at the Gazette, so we’ve given the paper a fresh, more modern design.

It’s a little like updating your house. That avocado paint you loved in the 1970s might not look as snazzy in your living room today. So we’ve sort of given the Gazette a new coat of paint, making a little more space for news and adding some new features.

We’ve even changed how the paper’s name looks at the top of Page 1. In the newspaper business, we call this the “flag.” Changing our flag is kind of like getting a new front door. It’s your first impression as you come up the walk.

The old “flag” was just a photographic image of the original type, used over and over until it had gradually become distorted and fuzzy. Ian McKee, our graphic artist, was able to track down the original typeface, Engravers Old English, and restore the logo to its original sharpness. And we put it in the top center of the page.

Before I go through what we’ve done differently, let me tell you what we haven’t done. We haven’t eliminated anything that was there last week. Managing Editor David Johnson has worked hard to give the paper a more consistent look, while making sure all the news and features are there. But we’ve moved a couple of things to different pages. We’ve redecorated; we haven’t thrown out all of the furniture you’re comfortable with.

What have we done? We’ve put a bit more white space between stories and photographs to make the pages easier to read. And we’ve packaged various listings to make more space for news.

For instance, the Upcoming Public Meetings list on Page 1 and the Community Calendar on Page 2 have been combined into a new Community Calendar at the bottom of this page.

The Union County Jail Docket has been moved to Page 3 as part of a new For the Record package, which also includes marriages and divorces. That leaves Page 2 for additional news stories.

We’ve added three new features, too, because several of you have asked us to add an advice column and puzzles.

Ask Amy, the nation’s best advice column, will appear every Wednesday and Friday. The Gazette is the only place in our region you’ll be able to find her popular modern-day advice.

In the Classified section, we’ve added a Crossword and a Sudoku for those of you who like puzzles. The Wednesday puzzles are moderately difficult; the ones on Friday should give you a real challenge.

Drop us a note or come by and let us know what you think of the changes. All of us at the Gazette are working to bring you the news and advertising information you want, while maintaining quality and integrity in all that we do.