Honoring our nation

 Tomorrow is the day we honor America.

But do we really? Oh, we’ll put out our flags, perhaps set off some fireworks and maybe even do something patriotic. But do we really honor our country and its government? We wonder sometimes.

Too often, we hear grousing about the government as though it’s something to be despised and reduced or eliminated. Many politicians even campaign against government, all the while trying to become a part of it.

We call folks who work in the private sector employees, but somehow those who serve us in government are labeled “bureaucrats,” with all the negative image that conjures up.

The most vitriolic comments we hear usually are directed at the federal government. State and local governments often get into the act, even though part of their operations usually are financed from pass through tax money from the taxes we send to Washington.

We’re not part of those negative comments. For the most part, we are proud of our country and its government.

We’re thankful for the many things the federal government does to make our lives better. You may have your own list; here is some of ours:

Protecting us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Keeping our air clear and our water safe to drink.

Assuring that we are paid a minimum wage for our labor.

Regulating in many ways the factors that contribute to personal safety, whether in the work place, or in our daily lives.

Providing the safety net for our old age that we call Social Security.

Protecting the rights of all, even though they may be of a different color or come from a different culture than our own.

We could go on and on. But you get the point.

Happy Birthday to America and its government. We’ll fly our flag proudly.